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Speakers Aired on Amazing Discoveries

NameShowsSeriesLast Shown
Thomas Bentley23Have You Swallowed the Hook?, otherNov 26th, 20222022-11-26listingsshows
Robert Blais20Sabbath SchoolNov 30th, -00010000-00-00listingsshows
Diane Burnett48Finding the Fountain of Youth, History and Heroes (single sermon)Oct 31st, 20222022-10-31listingsshows
New Hearts 4 Christ3otherSep 3rd, 20222022-09-03listingsshows
Walt Cross70Old Mountain Remedies, What are We Doing with the Health Message?, Workshop, Practical Skills for Country Living, etcOct 30th, 20222022-10-30listingsshows
Kameron DeVasher156Lightning From Heaven, Acts 101, Anchors of Truth, Studies in Ministry, etcDec 3rd, 20222022-12-03listingsshows
Feature Presentation Viewer Di1otherOct 16th, 20222022-10-16listingsshows
GeoScience Documentary4otherAug 23rd, 20222022-08-23listingsshows
Documentary79Documentary, Hidden Dangers in Kids' MealsNov 16th, 20222022-11-16listingsshows
Lana Drebit16Natural Home RemediesNov 30th, -00010000-00-00listingsshows
Mackenzie Drebit46Unlocking Prophecy, TM Bytes, other, Workshop, etcNov 29th, 20222022-11-29listingsshows
Antiquities Research Films3America's BeginningsSep 25th, 20222022-09-25listingsshows
Dan Gabbert200God's Healing Way to Mental and Spiritual Health, Meeting the Crisis in Peace (Survivor Series), Ultimate Experience, Understanding the Latter Rain, etcNov 27th, 20222022-11-27listingsshows
Bill Gates12Spiritual Treasure ChestNov 29th, 20222022-11-29listingsshows
David Gentry6DocumentaryNov 15th, 20222022-11-15listingsshowsdetails
Robert Gentry36Documentary, LectureNov 15th, 20222022-11-15listingsshowsdetails
Pavel Goia58Growing in Christ, Filled with the Spirit, other, 3ABN TodayNov 21st, 20222022-11-21listingsshows
Lynn Hoag1Practical Skills for Country LivingNov 30th, -00010000-00-00listingsshows
Rick Howard25The Omega Rebellion, Omega - the Train of Deception Progresses, New Journey, TheNov 27th, 20222022-11-27listingsshows
Christopher Hudson73Single Sermons, Foundation of Our FaithNov 28th, 20222022-11-28listingsshows
Thomas Jackson54From Sickness to Health, The Divine PrescriptionNov 4th, 20222022-11-04listingsshows
Butch Jensen13The Consistency of GodSep 11th, 20222022-09-11listingsshows
Dr. Chris Jigau3Two Doctors` TestimoniesNov 30th, 20222022-11-30listingsshows
Dr. Coralia Jigau4Two Doctors` TestimoniesNov 29th, 20222022-11-29listingsshows
Bob Jorgensen8Practical Skills for Country LivingNov 9th, 20222022-11-09listingsshows
Edwin de Kock3otherOct 8th, 20222022-10-08listingsshows
Chad Kreuzer272That You May Know You Have Eternal Life, Did Darwin Murder God?, Eight Secrets to Ancient Health, other, etcDec 2nd, 20222022-12-02listingsshows
Don Mackintosh323DocumentaryNov 15th, 20222022-11-15listingsshowsdetails
Hal Mayer38otherNov 17th, 20222022-11-17listingsshows
Scott Mayer14Media, Young people and the Country, Today Family Worship, 3ABN TodayOct 7th, 20222022-10-07listingsshows
Rob McClintock38Discover Total HealthNov 30th, 20222022-11-30listingsshows
Lonnie Melashenko94Voice of Prophecy Speaks, DocumentaryDec 4th, 20222022-12-04listingsshowsdetails
Little Light Ministries23Battlefield HollywoodNov 8th, 20222022-11-08listingsshowsdetails
Phodidas Ndamyumugabe10Single SermonNov 13th, 20222022-11-13listingsshows
Arnold Neuhoff28Brain Power SeriesAug 28th, 20222022-08-28listingsshows
Barabara O'Neill9Truth Matters Season 1, Truth Matters Season 2Nov 29th, 20222022-11-29listingsshows
Barbara O'Neill23Healing Your Mind, Body & SpiritNov 17th, 20222022-11-17listingsshows
Obomsawin27Life ScienceOct 12th, 20222022-10-12listingsshows
Subodh Pandit51Come Search With Me, God: Fact Or Fiction? - Weighing The EvidenceDec 3rd, 20222022-12-03listingsshows
Dr. Pandit5otherOct 19th, 20222022-10-19listingsshows
Emmanuel Institute/3rd party2otherNov 12th, 20222022-11-12listingsshows
Daniel Pel141Echoes of the Past & Pictures of the Future, For Such a Time as This, Daniel Pel, The Unhindered Gospel, etcNov 30th, 20222022-11-30listingsshows
Wes Peppers64The Sanctuary, Surrender, and the Spirit in the Last Days, Competitive Christianity, Personal Testimony, other, etcNov 15th, 20222022-11-15listingsshows
Francois du Plessis353Healed by His Wounds, Digging Up the Past, the Exodus, Jacob, etcNov 30th, 20222022-11-30listingsshowsdetails
Feature Presentation102Scenic Praise, other, Exploring the WordAug 25th, 20222022-08-25listingsshows
Loammi Richardson30The Struggle is RealOct 28th, 20222022-10-28listingsshows
Tim Riesenberger49A New Heart, Diabetes and Cancer, otherNov 18th, 20222022-11-18listingsshowsdetails
Scott Ritsema441Digital Disconnect, Raising the Remnant, The Media Mind - Reclaiming the Human Soul in the Digital Dark Age, Media on the Brain, etcDec 4th, 20222022-12-04listingsshows
David Rives4Feature Presentation, DocumentaryNov 2nd, 20222022-11-02listingsshowsdetails
Matthew Schanche6Episode 4Oct 31st, 20222022-10-31listingsshows
Matt Schanche25Truth Matters Season 1, TM Bytes, Truth Matters Season 2Nov 29th, 20222022-11-29listingsshows
Steve Wohlberg / Shahbaz34Good News For MuslimsOct 23rd, 20222022-10-23listingsshows
Randy Skeete109Living His Life, Roots of Truth, A Line of Distinction, other, etcNov 26th, 20222022-11-26listingsshows
Timon Spuller6WorkshopNov 30th, -00010000-00-00listingsshows
Henry Stober4Single SermonSep 10th, 20222022-09-10listingsshows
Little Light Studios10Battlefield Hollywood, Soquel Camp Meeting 2008, ControllerNov 30th, 20222022-11-30listingsshowsdetails
Documentary / Walter Veith3Enmity Documentary SeriesOct 31st, 20222022-10-31listingsshows
Sonica Veith19Soap Making, Sonica VeithNov 30th, 20222022-11-30listingsshows
Walter & Sonica Veith20Walter & Sonica VeithOct 6th, 20222022-10-06listingsshows
Walter Veith672other, Rekindling the Reformation, Total Transformation, Repairing the Breach, etcNov 30th, 20222022-11-30listingsshowsdetails
Eric Walsh25Prophetic Prototype: Lessons from the Life of John the BaptistOct 11th, 20222022-10-11listingsshows
Eric Wilson32The Hour of His Judgment, Martial Arts: The Dragon's Realm, PresentationNov 10th, 20222022-11-10listingsshows
Dan Wilson21Complete RestorationSep 12th, 20222022-09-12listingsshows