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God, Our PeaceSummer Camp MeetingSCM220011Kenny Shelton Danny SheltonJan 1st, 20232023-01-017 listings
God, Our Provider & ProtectorSummer Camp MeetingSCM220009CA Murray John LomacangJan 1st, 20232023-01-017 listings
God, The Perfector of Our FaithSummer Camp MeetingSCM220018John Lomacang Shelley QuinnJan 1st, 20232023-01-014 listings
God, The Promise Maker & KeeperSummer Camp MeetingSCM220008Mark Finley Danny SheltonJan 1st, 20232023-01-016 listings
God’S Passion for RighteousnessSummer Camp MeetingSCM220015Jill Morikone Greg MorikoneJan 18th, 20232023-01-187 listings
God’S Plan of SalvationSummer Camp MeetingSCM220006Jay Gallimore John DinzeyJan 1st, 20232023-01-014 listings
God’S Sure Word of ProphecySummer Camp MeetingSCM220017Chris Hudson John DinzeyFeb 1st, 20232023-02-017 listings
Just in the Nick of TimeSummer Camp MeetingSCM220014Jill Morikone, Danny Shelton Greg MorikoneJan 11th, 20232023-01-116 listings
Just in the Nick of TimeSummer Camp MeetingSCM220019John Lomacang, Jill Morikone, Danny Shelton Greg Morikone, Tim Parton, Yvonne SheltonJan 1st, 20232023-01-011 listings
Music HourSummer Camp MeetingSCM220010Tammy Chance Melody Firestone Jo, Kenny Shelton, Danny Shelton, Ronny Shelton, Yvonne SheltonJan 1st, 20232023-01-017 listings
Music HourSummer Camp MeetingSCM220001Billy Blackwood, Ryan Day, Melody Firestone, Kris, John Lomacang, Gene McDonald, Jill Morikone, Greg Morikone, Tim Parton, Danny Shelton, Yvonne Shelton, Reggie & Ladye Love Smith, Larry & stringsJan 1st, 20232023-01-013 listings
Music HourSummer Camp MeetingSCM220004Reggie & Ladye Love Smith Gene M, Danny Shelton, Yvonne SheltonJan 1st, 20232023-01-014 listings
Music HourSummer Camp MeetingSCM220007Danny Shelton, Yvonne Shelton, Lori Carouther (Lanny Wolfe Trio, Marietta Webster, Lanny WolfeJan 1st, 20232023-01-014 listings
The Paradise of GodSummer Camp MeetingSCM220005James Rafferty Yvonne SheltonJan 1st, 20232023-01-014 listings
The Patience of GodSummer Camp MeetingSCM220016Cami Oetman John LomacangJan 25th, 20232023-01-255 listings
The Personality of Our Heavenly FatherSummer Camp MeetingSCM220002David Shin Greg MorikoneJan 1st, 20232023-01-013 listings
The Power of GodSummer Camp MeetingSCM220003Ryan Day James RaffertyJan 1st, 20232023-01-014 listings
The Presence of GodSummer Camp MeetingSCM220012Shelley Quinn Ryan DayJan 4th, 20232023-01-045 listings