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Antisocial MediaDigital DisconnectDID210004Scott RitsemaJan 10th, 20232023-01-103 listings
Media and the Child BrainDigital DisconnectDID210003Scott RitsemaJan 3rd, 20232023-01-033 listings
Media ManipulationDigital DisconnectDID210007Scott RitsemaJan 31st, 20232023-01-316 listings
People of the Book in the Age of the AppDigital DisconnectDID210010Scott RitsemaJan 31st, 20232023-01-312 listings
The High Priests of a New ReligionDigital DisconnectDID210008Scott RitsemaFeb 7th, 20232023-02-076 listings
The Lust TrapDigital DisconnectDID210011Scott RitsemaFeb 7th, 20232023-02-073 listings
The Spirit of the Entertainment IndustryDigital DisconnectDID210009Scott RitsemaJan 25th, 20232023-01-253 listings
This Is Your Brain On MediaDigital DisconnectDID210005Scott RitsemaJan 17th, 20232023-01-173 listings
Transformed by the Renewing of Our MindsDigital DisconnectDID210006Scott RitsemaJan 24th, 20232023-01-245 listings