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A Personal View of Prison MinistryNew Journey, TheTNJ000070Aaron Chancy, Rick HowardJan 29th, 20232023-01-299 listings
Bridge the GapNew Journey, TheTNJ000049Michael & Tanja RichardsDec 23rd, 20222022-12-236 listings
Closer than a Brother -part 1New Journey, TheTNJ000041Annex LuberisseDec 9th, 20222022-12-097 listings
Closer than a Brother -part 2New Journey, TheTNJ000042Annex LuberisseDec 11th, 20222022-12-119 listings
ConquerorNew Journey, TheTNJ000047Jason BulginDec 19th, 20222022-12-198 listings
From Darkness to LightNew Journey, TheTNJ000071Aaron Chancy, Claire MadeusJan 30th, 20232023-01-309 listings
From the Field to the FoldNew Journey, TheTNJ000068Aaron Chancy, Joshua WardJan 26th, 20232023-01-265 listings
God is Your FatherNew Journey, TheTNJ000051Amanda ScottDec 26th, 20222022-12-269 listings
Gospel in the GhettoNew Journey, TheTNJ000067Aaron Chancy, Travonne DillonJan 23rd, 20232023-01-239 listings
Know Christ for YourselfNew Journey, TheTNJ000073Jermaine Bentley, Aaron ChancyDec 2nd, 20222022-12-024 listings
Life After DeathNew Journey, TheTNJ000040Britney Carter, Aaron ChancyDec 8th, 20222022-12-084 listings
Parole Re-EntryNew Journey, TheTNJ000066Aaron Chancy, Tresa FletcherJan 22nd, 20232023-01-229 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, TheTNJ000055Dwight CampbellJan 2nd, 20232023-01-029 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, TheTNJ000056Rocky MertensJan 5th, 20232023-01-056 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, TheTNJ000057Kendor ShyJan 6th, 20232023-01-066 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, TheTNJ000058Wale AdepojuJan 8th, 20232023-01-089 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, TheTNJ000059Donald OwenJan 9th, 20232023-01-099 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, TheTNJ000053Keisha & Trecia LyonDec 30th, 20222022-12-306 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, TheTNJ000054Greg HinesJan 1st, 20232023-01-019 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, TheTNJ000060Aaron Chancy, Yvonne LewisJan 12th, 20232023-01-126 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, TheTNJ000061Aaron Chancy, Terrence MarshallJan 13th, 20232023-01-136 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, TheTNJ000062Aaron Chancy, Jason MooreJan 15th, 20232023-01-159 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, TheTNJ000063Aaron Chancy, Kitrell LucasJan 16th, 20232023-01-169 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, TheTNJ000064Aaron Chancy, G. Paul Foster IIJan 19th, 20232023-01-196 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, TheTNJ000065Aaron Chancy, DeMarrus MillerJan 20th, 20232023-01-206 listings
Prison MinistryNew Journey, TheTNJ000046Steven RadfordDec 18th, 20222022-12-188 listings
Restored by GodNew Journey, TheTNJ000072Aaron Chancy, Woodrow VaughnDec 1st, 20222022-12-014 listings
Rock BottomNew Journey, TheTNJ000050Darrin LoganDec 25th, 20222022-12-258 listings
Saved by GraceNew Journey, TheTNJ000052Ray ClayDec 29th, 20222022-12-296 listings
Stop the Violence -part 1New Journey, TheTNJ000043Latoya HollomanDec 12th, 20222022-12-129 listings
Stop the Violence -part 2New Journey, TheTNJ000044Latoya HollomanDec 15th, 20222022-12-156 listings
The Living WordNew Journey, TheTNJ000048Michael ShepperdDec 22nd, 20222022-12-226 listings
The Power of Prayer Part 1New Journey, TheTNJ000074Patrick Baker, Jay Beckley, Aaron ChancyDec 4th, 20222022-12-046 listings
The Power of Prayer Part 2New Journey, TheTNJ000075Patrick Baker, Jay Beckley, Aaron Chancy, Shanice Whitely, Andrew WilsonDec 5th, 20222022-12-056 listings
The Transformation ProcessNew Journey, TheTNJ000069Aaron Chancy, Pr. Ricky WadeJan 27th, 20232023-01-275 listings
TransformationNew Journey, TheTNJ000045Pr. Ricky WadeDec 16th, 20222022-12-166 listings