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Urban ReportUBR220019otherDec 31st, 20222022-12-312 listings
Urban ReportUBR220021other0 listings
Urban ReportUBR220023otherFeb 10th, 20232023-02-101 listings
A Light in GovernmentUrban ReportUBR000137Yvonne Lewis, Honorable Ben MicahJan 30th, 20232023-01-304 listings
Biblical CounselingUrban ReportUBR000121Yvonne Lewis, Nicole ParkerJan 4th, 20232023-01-044 listings
BoundariesUrban ReportUBR000135Brittany Hill-Morales, Yvonne Lewis, Xavier MoralesJan 26th, 20232023-01-264 listings
Called to the Mission FieldUrban ReportUBR000252Julie Griswold, Pastor ScotJan 7th, 20232023-01-073 listings
Christ FrontlineUrban ReportUBR000120Tim Lawson, Yvonne LewisJan 3rd, 20232023-01-035 listings
Domestic ViolenceUrban ReportUBR000125Alma G. Davis, Yvonne LewisJan 11th, 20232023-01-114 listings
Education Begins in the HomeUrban ReportUBR000126Dr. James Comer, Yvonne LewisJan 12th, 20232023-01-124 listings
Faith and BusinessUrban ReportUBR220018Jason Bradley, Jesse ZwikerJan 15th, 20232023-01-154 listings
FatheringUrban ReportUBR000119Yvonne Lewis, John TurnipseedJan 2nd, 20232023-01-024 listings
Finding Purpose Through PainUrban ReportUBR220021Taurus Montgomery, Yvonne SheltonFeb 4th, 20232023-02-043 listings
Forerunner Chronicles UpdateUrban ReportUBR210008Jason Bradley, Chris HudsonFeb 10th, 20232023-02-103 listings
Foundation of Our FaithUrban ReportUBR000141Louis Cleare, Pr. Cory Jackson, Yvonne LewisFeb 6th, 20232023-02-064 listings
Fresh LivingUrban ReportUBR000138Yvonne Lewis, Evita TezenoJan 31st, 20232023-01-315 listings
From Darkness to LightUrban ReportUBR000122Danielle Harrison, Yvonne LewisJan 5th, 20232023-01-054 listings
Genesis of PurityUrban ReportUBR000124Jacques Laguerre, Yvonne LewisJan 10th, 20232023-01-105 listings
Good is Not EnoughUrban ReportUBR000123Yvonne Lewis, Keith WycheJan 9th, 20232023-01-094 listings
Health EvangelismUrban ReportUBR000142Ezra St. Juste, Monet St. Juste, Yvonne LewisFeb 7th, 20232023-02-075 listings
Health Evangelism for KidsUrban ReportUBR000143Yvonne Lewis, Charmaine VierraFeb 8th, 20232023-02-084 listings
Jason's TestimonyUrban ReportUBR000134Jason Bradley, Yvonne LewisJan 25th, 20232023-01-254 listings
Lifestreams MediaUrban ReportUBR000140Chris Lang, Yvonne LewisFeb 2nd, 20232023-02-024 listings
Meeting The Crises of Hunger, Poverty, and DiseaseUrban ReportUBR220010Susan Cherne J.D., Joy Kauffman, MPH, Yvonne Shelton, Karissa ZieglerJan 21st, 20232023-01-213 listings
Ministry Through ArtUrban ReportUBR000144Jason Bradley, Raymond WadeFeb 9th, 20232023-02-094 listings
Ministry updates and announcing “Strategies for Strongholds”Urban ReportUBR220007Michael Carducci, Yvonne Shelton, Pastor Ron WoolseyFeb 3rd, 20232023-02-033 listings
News No Mother Wants to HearUrban ReportUBR000132Jason Bradley, SaMonna WattsJan 23rd, 20232023-01-234 listings
Personal TestimonyUrban ReportUBR190003Billy MiranderJan 6th, 20232023-01-063 listings
Plane Crash SurvivorUrban ReportUBR000131Jason Bradley, Don & Barbara HalesJan 19th, 20232023-01-194 listings
Pressing Through LossUrban ReportUBR210026Jason Bradley, Ricki RamgoolieJan 27th, 20232023-01-273 listings
Revelation of LoveUrban ReportUBR220020Jason Bradley, David MachadoJan 14th, 20232023-01-143 listings
The Health JourneyUrban ReportUBR210031Jason Bradley, Risë RaffertyFeb 5th, 20232023-02-054 listings
The Journey of a LeaderUrban ReportUBR210027Jason Bradley, Pierre MoniceJan 22nd, 20232023-01-224 listings
The Journey of a MillennialUrban ReportUBR210032Jason Bradley, Sherri-Lyn LegallJan 1st, 20232023-01-014 listings
Through The FireUrban ReportUBR210012Jason Bradley, Alex CastielljosJan 29th, 20232023-01-294 listings
True Health TVUrban ReportUBR000130Yvonne Lewis, Dr. Debbie WallaceJan 18th, 20232023-01-184 listings
Ultimate EncounterUrban ReportUBR000092Yvonne Lewis, Pr. Lionel MartellJan 20th, 20232023-01-203 listings
Unknowingly Mixed Up with New Age MedicineUrban ReportUBR000129Wendy Gareau, Yvonne LewisJan 17th, 20232023-01-175 listings
Urban MinistryUrban ReportUBR190013Jason Bradley, Pastor Steven Conway, Tamara ConwayJan 28th, 20232023-01-283 listings
What’S New On Creative Cooking?Urban ReportUBR220004Yvonne Shelton, Dr. Helen StoddartJan 8th, 20232023-01-084 listings
When Tragedy StrikesUrban ReportUBR220003Jason Bradley, Sr., Brian ThomasJan 13th, 20232023-01-133 listings
With Christ There Is a New YouUrban ReportUBR000128William Gailliard, Yvonne LewisJan 16th, 20232023-01-164 listings
Women Working with WomenUrban ReportUBR000139Maxine Bethea, Yvonne Lewis, Purette Mills, Belinda SmithFeb 1st, 20232023-02-014 listings
Yvonne's TestimonyUrban ReportUBR000133Yvonne LewisJan 24th, 20232023-01-245 listings