Seventh-day Adventist Satellite

Series Shown on LLBN His Word

Shows from these series have been played at least one on LLBN His Word.

TitleShowsSpeakersLast Shown
0057 Searching for Answers 36 Hebrews1otherDec 31st, 20222022-12-31listings
0058 Searching for Answers 37 Hebrews1otherJan 2nd, 20232023-01-02listings
0059 Searching for Answers 38 Hebrews1otherJan 3rd, 20232023-01-03listings
0060 Searching for Answers 39 Hebrews1otherJan 4th, 20232023-01-04listings
0061 Searching for Answers 40 Hebrews1otherJan 5th, 20232023-01-05listings
0062 Searching for Answers 41 Hebrews1otherJan 6th, 20232023-01-06listings
0063 Searching for Answers 01 I, II & III John1otherJan 8th, 20232023-01-08listings
038 iTestify S2E14 - Kristi Huynh1otherDec 31st, 20222022-12-31listings
039 iTestify S2E15 - Rodney Bowes1otherJan 1st, 20232023-01-01listings
040 iTestify S2E16 - Christiana Leimena1otherJan 2nd, 20232023-01-02listings
041 iTestify S2E17 - Luke Cloete1otherJan 3rd, 20232023-01-03listings
042 iTestify S2E18 - Kisha Colegado1otherJan 4th, 20232023-01-04listings
043 iTestify S2E19 - Priscilla Santos1otherJan 5th, 20232023-01-05listings
044 iTestify S2E20 - Criss Carlson1otherJan 7th, 20232023-01-07listings
045 iTestify S2E21 - Norma Nashed1otherJan 8th, 20232023-01-08listings
4659 MTC Music & the Spoken Word Anticipations of a New Year1otherJan 4th, 20232023-01-04listings
4811 MTC - Music an the Spoken Word1otherJan 6th, 20232023-01-06listings
4813 MTC - Music and the Spoken Word1otherJan 8th, 20232023-01-08listings
4817 MTC - Music and the Spoken Word -1otherJan 8th, 20232023-01-08listings
Christian Connections LIVE1otherJan 3rd, 20232023-01-03listings
Creating Disciples7Austin RobertsJan 8th, 20232023-01-08listings
East Pasco - How Far - Ricardo Barriffe1otherJan 7th, 20232023-01-07listings
East Pasco - What Will You Find at Christmas - Pastor Ray Pichette1otherDec 31st, 20222022-12-31listings
Excavating the Bible1otherJan 7th, 20232023-01-07listings
Excavating the Bible1otherJan 5th, 20232023-01-05listings
Excavating the Bible3otherJan 8th, 20232023-01-08listings
Excavating the Bible1otherJan 4th, 20232023-01-04listings
Excavating the Bible1otherJan 2nd, 20232023-01-02listings
Gathering Place3otherJan 8th, 20232023-01-08listings
Gathering Place1otherJan 6th, 20232023-01-06listings
God Talk With Pastor Dan Smith7otherJan 8th, 20232023-01-08listings
God's Prophetic Surprises7otherJan 8th, 20232023-01-08listings
Hymnal Notes 0151otherDec 31st, 20222022-12-31listings
Hymnal Notes 0161otherJan 7th, 20232023-01-07listings
Kettering - We Grow Together - Andrea Jakobsons1otherJan 7th, 20232023-01-07listings
LLBN Sermons6Pastor Bryant Taylor, Pastor John Anderson, Pastor Dan SmithJan 6th, 20232023-01-06listings
LLBN Worship1otherJan 8th, 20232023-01-08listings
LLBN Worship1otherJan 5th, 20232023-01-05listings
LLU Chapel LIVE1otherJan 4th, 20232023-01-04listings
MTC - Music and the Spoken Word1otherJan 8th, 20232023-01-08listings
Praise Time E0321otherJan 1st, 20232023-01-01listings
Praise Time E0331otherJan 8th, 20232023-01-08listings
Rediscover S1E281otherJan 1st, 20232023-01-01listings
Rediscover S1E291otherJan 2nd, 20232023-01-02listings
Rediscover S1E301otherJan 3rd, 20232023-01-03listings
Rediscover S1E311otherJan 4th, 20232023-01-04listings
Rediscover S1E321otherJan 5th, 20232023-01-05listings
Rediscover S2E011otherJan 6th, 20232023-01-06listings
Rediscover S2E021otherJan 8th, 20232023-01-08listings
Total Health with Anthony Hilliard1otherJan 3rd, 20232023-01-03listings