Seventh-day Adventist Satellite

Series Shown on Amazing Facts

Shows from these series have been played at least one on Amazing Facts.

TitleShowsSpeakersLast Shown
A Line of Distinction4Randy SkeeteJan 28th, 20232023-01-28listings
A New Revelation6Pastor Doug BatchelorFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listingsdetails
Agents of Satan1Steve WohlbergFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Amazing Adventure6Pastor Doug BatchelorFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Amazing Doctrines6Other, Pastor Jëan Ross, Carlos MuñozFeb 4th, 20232023-02-04listings
Amazing Facts Around the World6Pastor Doug BatchelorFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Amazing Facts Documentaries2Other, Pastor Doug BatchelorFeb 8th, 20232023-02-08listings
Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor76other, Pastor Doug BatchelorFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Amazing Facts: Central Study Hour13other, VariousFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listingsdetails
Amazing Sanctuary1Stephen BohrFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Anchor School of Theology - The Great Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation12Stephen BohrFeb 9th, 20232023-02-09listings
ARME Bible Camp6Doug BatchelorFeb 3rd, 20232023-02-03listings
Authentic #41Shawn BoonstraJan 4th, 20232023-01-04listings
Authentic #56Shawn BoonstraFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Awesome Science21Noah JusticeFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Battlefield Hollywood14Little Light Ministries, Little Light Studios, Scotty MayerFeb 6th, 20232023-02-06listingspurchase
Christmas Concert1VariousDec 31st, 20222022-12-31listings
Church Sermons7VariousFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Church Service LIVE1VariousFeb 4th, 20232023-02-04listings
Country Wisdom12Janice Nelson, otherFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Cracking the Genesis Code22Stephen BohrFeb 9th, 20232023-02-09listings
Doctrines That Divide3Pastor Doug BatchelorJan 13th, 20232023-01-13listings
Foundations of Faith4Pastor Doug BatchelorFeb 8th, 20232023-02-08listings
Give Me the Bible39Kenneth Cox, other, Host: C.A. MurrayFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
God So Loved the World, Winter1FountainviewJan 15th, 20232023-01-15listings
Healing Insights from the Gospel of Mark1David DeRoseFeb 8th, 20232023-02-08listings
Heroes of Faith4Pastor Doug BatchelorJan 11th, 20232023-01-11listings
His Voice Today6Steve WohlbergFeb 7th, 20232023-02-07listings
It Is Written 22John BradshawFeb 4th, 20232023-02-04listings
It Is Written 35John BradshawFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
It Is Written Sabbath School7Eric FlickingerFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Joe Crews Video Sermons6Joe CrewsFeb 9th, 20232023-02-09listings
Landmarks of Prophecy6Pastor Doug BatchelorFeb 9th, 20232023-02-09listings
Lessons from the Middle East2David DeRoseFeb 1st, 20232023-02-01listings
Life Everlasting1Pastor Shawn BrummundDec 31st, 20222022-12-31listings
Lineage Journey, Season 14Adam RamdinJan 21st, 20232023-01-21listings
Lineage Journey, Season 23Adam RamdinFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
LIVE Bible Answers Live1Doug Batchelor, Jëan RossFeb 5th, 20232023-02-05listings
Managing for the Master - Till He Comes7Pastor Luccas Rodor, Various, Pastor Shawn BrummundFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Mighty Men of God3Pastor Doug BatchelorJan 25th, 20232023-01-25listings
Ministry Projects2Pastor Doug BatchelorFeb 5th, 20232023-02-05listings
Pastor Doug's Weekly Message31Pastor Doug BatchelorFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Prophecy Encounter5Pastor Doug BatchelorJan 19th, 20232023-01-19listings
Prophecy Unsealed6Brian McMahonFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Receiving the Word7VariousFeb 7th, 20232023-02-07listings
Reclaim Your Faith4Pastor Doug BatchelorJan 27th, 20232023-01-27listings
RERUN Bible Answers Live1Doug Batchelor, Jëan RossFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Revelation of Hope Bible Prophecy Seminar6Taj PaclebFeb 9th, 20232023-02-09listings
Revelation Today - Hope Awakens1John BradshawDec 31st, 20222022-12-31listings
Revelation Today - The Mysteries Revealed69other, John BradshawFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Scripture Mysteries1Chad KreuzerJan 6th, 20232023-01-06listings
Special Presentation1TBAJan 3rd, 20232023-01-03listings
Standing at the Crossroads1Mark FinleyFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Starting with Jesus37other, VariousFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
Steps to Christ3FountainviewFeb 5th, 20232023-02-05listings
Take Charge of Your Health6John BradshawFeb 9th, 20232023-02-09listings
Ten Commandments4Pastor Doug BatchelorFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
The Incredible Journey, Season 37Gary KentFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
The Media Mind - Reclaiming the Human Soul in the Digital Dark Age6Scott RitsemaFeb 10th, 20232023-02-10listings
The Revelation of Jesus Christ1Kenneth CoxJan 6th, 20232023-01-06listings
The Shepherd King4Pastor Doug BatchelorJan 22nd, 20232023-01-22listings
Time is Ticking Away12Pastor Doug BatchelorFeb 8th, 20232023-02-08listingspurchase
Trials to Triumph2Various, Dr. Phodidas NdamyumugabeJan 11th, 20232023-01-11listings
Undaunted Courage16Clifford Goldstein, Adam Ramdin, David ShinFeb 8th, 20232023-02-08listings
Various6Mark FinleyFeb 4th, 20232023-02-04listings