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Speakers Aired on 3ABN Proclaim!

NameShowsSeriesLast Shown
Pr. Acosta4The Carter ReportApr 7th, 20202020-04-07listingsshows
Thompsonville Seventh-day Advent1Spring Camp MeetingMar 30th, 20202020-03-30listingsshows
Rich Aguilera60Kids Time, Bible Treasures, Tiny Tots Worship, 3ABN Today LIVE, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Lyle Albrecht87Revelation Insights, Revelation Insights!, Pillars of Our Faith: 2010, Spring Camp Meeting 2014Jun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshowsdetails
Creig Allen11Free IndeedJun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshows
Tim Allston5Multitude of CounselorsJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Zippora Ansen1Generation of Youth for Christ 2012Jul 17th, 20152015-07-17listingsshows
Gordon Arruda5Faith ChapelDec 4th, 20162016-12-04listingsshows
Joe Asher4Free IndeedJun 1st, 20202020-06-01listingsshows
Carl Ashlock13ABN On the RoadDec 16th, 20162016-12-16listingsshows
David Asscherick430Discover, Eleventh Hour Evidence, Engage, 3ABN On the Road, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshowsdetails
Wilbur Atwood43ABN On the Road, 3ABN TodayMay 23rd, 20202020-05-23listingsshows
Tammy Atwood3Free IndeedJun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshows
Joel Avery4Multitude of CounselorsJun 1st, 20202020-06-01listingsshows
Jim Ayer257Remodeling Your Life, 3ABN On the Road, Issues and Answers, 3ABN Today LIVE, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Jim Ayer1Remodeling Your LifeDec 31st, 19691969-12-31listingsshows
Jim Ayer1Remodeling Your LifeJan 10th, 20182018-01-10listingsshows
Jim Ayer1Remodeling Your LifeJan 12th, 20182018-01-12listingsshows
Jim Ayer1Remodeling Your LifeJan 15th, 20182018-01-15listingsshows
Benjamin Baker2Global Mission Snapshots, Faith ChapelNov 7th, 20142014-11-07listingsshows
Mitch Barfield5Free IndeedJun 4th, 20202020-06-04listingsshows
Doug Batchelor2305Everlasting Gospel, Pastor Doug's Weekly Message, Millennium of Prophecy (AFTV Version), Amazing Facts: Central Study Hour, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshowsdetails
J'arius Beck4Free IndeedJun 1st, 20202020-06-01listingsshows
Kessia Reyne Bennett4Multitude of CounselorsJun 8th, 20202020-06-08listingsshows
Christian Berdahl70Faith Chapel, Celebrating Life in Recovery, Urban Report, 3ABN Today, etcApr 10th, 20202020-04-10listingsshows
Francine Bergmann103ABN Today LIVE, 3ABN Today, 3ABN Homecoming, Today Family WorshipJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listingsshows
Steve Bewley2Free IndeedJun 10th, 20202020-06-10listingsshows
Alexander Biscette4Faith ChapelNov 6th, 20162016-11-06listingsshows
Wayne Blakely94Coming Out, Celebrating Life in Recovery, 3ABN Today LIVE, Urban Report, etcMay 7th, 20202020-05-07listingsshows
Wayne Boehm4The Carter ReportJun 14th, 20152015-06-14listingsshows
Stephen Bohr1211His Way is in the Sanctuary, The Three Angels Message, Cracking the Genesis Code, Great Apostasies of the Bible, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshowsdetails
Pastor Stephen Bohr119Cracking the Genesis Code, God's Prophetic ChainFeb 8th, 20202020-02-08listingsshows
Sasha Bolotnikov84Back to Our Roots, Anchors of Truth, Nightlight, 3ABN Today LIVESep 21st, 20182018-09-21listingsshows
Samuel V. Bonello53ABN On the RoadFeb 12th, 20202020-02-12listingsshows
Shirwanda Boone1Free IndeedDec 5th, 20172017-12-05listingsshows
Shirwanda Boone4Free IndeedJun 8th, 20202020-06-08listingsshows
Shawn Boonstra279It Is Written: Ministeries, Revelation Speaks Peace, The Appearing, Unlocking the Signs, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshowsdetails
Vince Boyd9Free IndeedJun 8th, 20202020-06-08listingsshows
Graeme Bradford1The Carter ReportApr 12th, 20152015-04-12listingsshows
Jason Bradley452Urban Report, 3ABN Today, Today Family Worship, 3ABN Today LIVE, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
James Rafferty Jason Bradley1Spring Camp MeetingApr 12th, 20202020-04-12listingsshows
David Shin Jason Bradley1Spring Camp MeetingApr 21st, 20202020-04-21listingsshows
Kenny Shelton Jason Bradley13ABN HomecomingJun 10th, 20202020-06-10listingsshows
John Bradshaw1474Revelation Today, Anchors of Truth, It Is Written Reformation 500 Series, Babylon Rising, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Sebastien Braxton9Generation of Youth for Christ 2009, General Youth Conference, Generation of Youth for Christ 2011, Generation. Youth. Christ.May 25th, 20192019-05-25listingsshows
Floyd Bresee40Faith ChapelFeb 12th, 20152015-02-12listingsshows
C.D. Brooks22Live Specials, 3ABN On the Road, Breath of Life: Home Series, Pillars of Our Faith: 2010, etcAug 28th, 20172017-08-28listingsshows
Roy Brown9Faith Chapel, 3ABN TodayDec 29th, 20142014-12-29listingsshows
Monique Brown15Taste of Paradise, 3ABN On the RoadMay 20th, 20202020-05-20listingsshows
William Bumphus5Free Indeed, New Journey, The, The New JourneyJun 10th, 20202020-06-10listingsshows
Dexter Burns2Free IndeedMay 21st, 20202020-05-21listingsshows
Michael Butler3Amazing Facts: Central Study HourDec 16th, 20162016-12-16listingsshows
Pr. Michael Butler4Amazing Facts: Central Study HourDec 30th, 20172017-12-30listingsshows
Pr. Chris Buttery67Amazing Facts: Central Study HourDec 30th, 20172017-12-30listingsshows
Charles Buursma52Faith ChapelJun 13th, 20162016-06-13listingsshows
Charles Byrd104Thunder in the Holy Land, In Search of the Truth, 3ABN TodayJan 16th, 20182018-01-16listingsshows
Carlton P. Byrd732Breath of Life Dna -- Do Not Air!!!, Spring Camp Meeting 2014, Christ, Calvary, and the Sanctuary, 3ABN Today, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Carton P. Byrd11Breath of LifeApr 10th, 20202020-04-10listingsshows
Pr. Carlton Byrd69Breath of Life, 3ABN Today, Anchors of Truth, New York 13Jan 6th, 20202020-01-06listingsshows
Pr. Charles Byrd5Thunder in the Holy LandMay 11th, 20142014-05-11listingsshows
Carlton P Byrd36Breath of LifeMay 23rd, 20202020-05-23listingsshows
Pr. Carlton P. Byrd17Breath of LifeMay 27th, 20202020-05-27listingsshows
Calton P. Byrd7Breath of LifeJan 13th, 20202020-01-13listingsshows
Pr Carlton Byrd2Breath of LifeFeb 15th, 20202020-02-15listingsshows
Pr Carlton P Byrd1Breath of LifeFeb 12th, 20202020-02-12listingsshows
Jan Cabungcal1Generation of Youth for Christ 2011Jun 29th, 20132013-06-29listingsshows
Eric Camarillo18Urban Report, Multitude of Counselors, 3ABN Today, 3ABN Today LIVEJun 4th, 20202020-06-04listingsshows
Lara Campbell11Free IndeedJun 8th, 20202020-06-08listingsshows
James Campbell13Adventures In MissionsJun 4th, 20192019-06-04listingsshows
Pr. Cesar Cardenas7The Carter ReportMar 22nd, 20202020-03-22listingsshows
Michael Carducci573ABN Today, Multitude of Counselors, Urban Report, 3ABN Today LIVE, etcJun 3rd, 20202020-06-03listingsshows
Mike Carducci51Pure Choices, Coming OutMay 8th, 20202020-05-08listingsshows
Kevin Carey4Free IndeedJun 7th, 20202020-06-07listingsshows
John Carter833Amazing Discoveries, Anchors of Truth, 3ABN Homecoming 2015, 3ABN Today LIVE: 1st Hour, etcJun 6th, 20202020-06-06listingsshowsdetails
Pr. John Carter1The Carter ReportOct 23rd, 20162016-10-23listingsshows
Pr.John Carter2The Carter ReportDec 21st, 20172017-12-21listingsshows
Pastor John Carter8The Carter ReportMay 14th, 20202020-05-14listingsshows
Dee Casper443ABN Today, Multitude of Counselors, Thompsonville Worship Hour, Today Family Worship, etcJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listingsshows
Christina Ceccoto36Multitude of CounselorsJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Christina Cecetto3Multitude of CounselorsJun 1st, 20202020-06-01listingsshows
Christina Cecotto27Multitude of CounselorsJun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshows
Jason Bergmann - 3ABN CFO/Treasu1Spring Camp MeetingApr 27th, 20202020-04-27listingsshows
Art Chadwick23ABN On the RoadNov 1st, 20112011-11-01listingsshows
Scott Christiansen25It Is WrittenMar 31st, 20202020-03-31listingsshows
John Chung5Health for a Lifetime, 3ABN On the RoadNov 1st, 20192019-11-01listingsshows
Chester Clark53ABN On the RoadJan 16th, 20132013-01-16listingsshows
Bryant Clark3Free IndeedMay 13th, 20202020-05-13listingsshows
Jac Colón4Revelation Now (new)May 28th, 20202020-05-28listingsshows
Andrew Cole3Free IndeedMay 20th, 20202020-05-20listingsshows
Leeroy Coleman18Faith ChapelJul 21st, 20152015-07-21listingsshows
Brian Collier2Free IndeedJun 10th, 20202020-06-10listingsshows
Jac Colon108Revelation Now (new), Revelation NowJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshowsdetails
Jac Colon1Revelation Now (new)Dec 19th, 20172017-12-19listingsshows
Paul Coneff64Multitude of Counselors, Issues and AnswersJun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshows
Kenneth Cox770Revelation of Jesus Christ, Time of the End, The Sabbath, Anchors of Truth, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshowsdetails
Kennet Cox4Time of the EndApr 29th, 20132013-04-29listingsshows
Pr. Kenneth Cox1Revelation of Jesus ChristNov 8th, 20172017-11-08listingsshows
Aron Crews233ABN Kids Camp Bible Gems, Multitude of CounselorsJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsDec 21st, 20172017-12-21listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsDec 28th, 20172017-12-28listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsDec 29th, 20172017-12-29listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsDec 30th, 20172017-12-30listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsDec 28th, 20172017-12-28listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsDec 9th, 20172017-12-09listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsDec 18th, 20172017-12-18listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsDec 19th, 20172017-12-19listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsJan 14th, 20182018-01-14listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsDec 31st, 19691969-12-31listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsDec 31st, 19691969-12-31listingsshows
Jennifer Jill Schwirzer Robert D1Multitude of CounselorsJan 15th, 20182018-01-15listingsshows
Pr. Richard Daly24London 2016Jan 13th, 20182018-01-13listingsshows
Fred Dana28Amazing Facts: Central Study Hour, 3ABN On the RoadMar 13th, 20202020-03-13listingsshows
Yvonne Lewis-Shelton - 3ABN Dare1Spring Camp MeetingMar 30th, 20202020-03-30listingsshows
Shalom David4Thunder in the Holy LandMay 20th, 20202020-05-20listingsshows
Robert Davison7Multitude of CounselorsMay 11th, 20202020-05-11listingsshows
Shelley Quinn Ryan Day13ABN HomecomingJun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshows
David DeRose121Wonderfully Made, Reversing Hypertension, Health for a Lifetime, Rebellion and Redemption, etcJun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshows
Shelley Quinn - 3ABN Program Dev1Spring Camp MeetingMar 30th, 20202020-03-30listingsshows
Kameron DeVasher113Kameron DeVasher, Anchors of Truth, Lightning From Heaven, Acts 101, etcMay 29th, 20202020-05-29listingsshows
John Dinzey2343ABN Today, Foundation of Our Faith, 3ABN Today LIVE, Pillars of Faith, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Host: John Dinzey2Anchors of TruthOct 1st, 20192019-10-01listingsshows
C.A. Murray John Dinzey1Spring Camp MeetingMay 3rd, 20202020-05-03listingsshows
Jay Gallimore John Dinzey1Spring Camp MeetingMay 11th, 20202020-05-11listingsshows
John Lomacang John Dinzey13ABN HomecomingJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Bruce Fjarli - 3ABN Board of Dir1Spring Camp MeetingMar 30th, 20202020-03-30listingsshows
Bruce Fjarli - 3ABN Board of Dir1Spring Camp MeetingApr 27th, 20202020-04-27listingsshows
Ken Dixon6Faith ChapelFeb 7th, 20152015-02-07listingsshows
Pr. James Doggette4Anchors of Truth, Night Light Live - 1st HourJan 10th, 20202020-01-10listingsshows
Ruben Dorsey2Free IndeedMay 21st, 20202020-05-21listingsshows
Charles W. Drake123ABN On the RoadMar 10th, 20202020-03-10listingsshows
Mark Duarte6Faith ChapelNov 9th, 20112011-11-09listingsshows
Antionette Duck24Abortion Controversy, The, The Abortion Controversy, Life After Choice, 3ABN TodayApr 3rd, 20202020-04-03listingsshows
Dustin Duff11Free IndeedJun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshows
Roger Duncan12Faith ChapelFeb 11th, 20152015-02-11listingsshows
Nivischi Edwards23Multitude of CounselorsJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Brian Eldridge3Free IndeedMay 25th, 20202020-05-25listingsshows
Andrea Endries99Thunder in the Holy Land, 3ABN TodayJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Andria Endries2Thunder in the Holy LandMay 3rd, 20142014-05-03listingsshows
Timothy Englert4Free IndeedJun 1st, 20202020-06-01listingsshows
Esq3Anchors of TruthDec 2nd, 20162016-12-02listingsshows
Gregory Evans54Nature's Lesson Book, 11am at Ilam, Special FeatureJan 28th, 20122012-01-28listingsshows
Steve & Judy Evenson25Plant a SeedSep 6th, 20192019-09-06listingsshows
Martin Fancher6Faith ChapelDec 8th, 20162016-12-08listingsshows
David Farmer12Faith ChapelJun 25th, 20162016-06-25listingsshows
Mark Finley304Standing at the Crossroads, Revelation's Ancient Discoveries, 3ABN On the Road, Discoveries 2010, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshowsdetails
Mulissa Sue Fioster3Free IndeedMay 14th, 20202020-05-14listingsshows
Jacki Fjarli5Spring Camp MeetingApr 27th, 20202020-04-27listingsshows
Eric Flickinger19Revelation of Prophecy, Faith ChapelMar 18th, 20162016-03-18listingsshows
Charissa Fong42Generation of Youth for Christ 2011, ASI Conventions, 2014, 3ABN Australia Homecoming, Move by His Power, etcApr 15th, 20202020-04-15listingsshows
Charissa Fong1Generation of Youth for Christ 2011Jun 1st, 20132013-06-01listingsshows
Charisa Fong2Move by His PowerAug 30th, 20172017-08-30listingsshows
Marleta Fong43ABN On the RoadMay 2nd, 20202020-05-02listingsshows
Danny Shelton - 3ABN Founder/Pre1Spring Camp MeetingMar 30th, 20202020-03-30listingsshows
Frank Fournier56Anchors of Truth, Night Light Live - 1st Hour, 3ABN Today LIVE, 3ABN On the Road, etcFeb 17th, 20202020-02-17listingsshows
Stephen Fowler78Thunder in the Holy Land, 3ABN TodayJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Stephen Fowler1Thunder in the Holy LandDec 18th, 20172017-12-18listingsshows
Sidney Fox4Free IndeedJun 1st, 20202020-06-01listingsshows
Pr. Mark Fox21Amazing PropheciesDec 25th, 20172017-12-25listingsshows
Mark Fox112Amazing PropheciesMar 12th, 20182018-03-12listingsshows
Jay Gallimore413ABN On the Road, Thinking About Home, Up Close, Spring Camp Meeting, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Pr. Jay Gallimore43ABN On the RoadMar 25th, 20202020-03-25listingsshows
John Dinzey - 3ABN Latino Genera1Spring Camp MeetingApr 27th, 20202020-04-27listingsshows
Ty Gibson401Books of the Book Series, Anchors of Truth, Books of the Book, Books of the Book: Daniel, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshowsdetails
Thomas Gill6Faith ChapelNov 2nd, 20162016-11-02listingsshows
Jim Gilley3913ABN Today LIVE, 3ABN Today LIVE: 1st Hour, Anchors of Truth, 3ABN Today LIVE: 2nd Hour, etcJan 29th, 20202020-01-29listingsshows
Host: Jim Gilley28Anchors of Truth, Give Me the BibleApr 24th, 20202020-04-24listingsshows
Host: C.A. Murray & Jim Gilley7Anchors of TruthJan 30th, 20202020-01-30listingsshows
David Glover13Faith Chapel, 3ABN TodaySep 9th, 20142014-09-09listingsshows
Priscilla Gonzalez y Patricia Go1Cocina Con ColorDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listingsshows
Frank Gonzales12Anchors of TruthNov 30th, 20172017-11-30listingsshows
Frank Gonzalez14Anchors of TruthFeb 7th, 20202020-02-07listingsshows
Calby Gray4Free IndeedJun 7th, 20202020-06-07listingsshows
Shandra Gray4Free IndeedJun 7th, 20202020-06-07listingsshows
Jay Christian Greg13ABN HomecomingMay 3rd, 20202020-05-03listingsshows
Peter Gregory6Adventist Youth Conference 2010, Adventist Youth ConferenceFeb 11th, 20152015-02-11listingsshows
Vicki Griffin58Health for a Lifetime, 3ABN Today LIVE: 2nd Hour, 3ABN On the Road, 3ABN Today LIVE: 1st HourJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
David Guererro2Multitude of CounselorsMay 29th, 20202020-05-29listingsshows
David Guerrero54Multitude of CounselorsJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Davis Guerrero4Multitude of CounselorsJun 1st, 20202020-06-01listingsshows
John Hairston3Free IndeedMay 13th, 20202020-05-13listingsshows
Robert Hairston3Free IndeedMay 13th, 20202020-05-13listingsshows
Susan Hairston3Free IndeedMay 13th, 20202020-05-13listingsshows
Steve Haley5Thunder in the Holy LandJun 5th, 20202020-06-05listingsshows
Ron Halvorsen112Anchors of Truth, 3ABN On the Road, It Is Written, 3ABN Today LIVE: 2nd Hour, etcMay 29th, 20202020-05-29listingsshows
Ken Ham6It Is WrittenApr 18th, 20202020-04-18listingsshows
Brian Hamilton733ABN Today LIVE, Issues and Answers, Urban Report, 3ABN Today LIVE: 1st Hour, etcMar 4th, 20202020-03-04listingsshows
Host: Brian Hamilton6Anchors of TruthMay 5th, 20202020-05-05listingsshows
Tom Hanlon4Free IndeedJun 7th, 20202020-06-07listingsshows
Elise Harboldt4Multitude of CounselorsJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listingsshows
Harold Harker1The Carter ReportApr 11th, 20152015-04-11listingsshows
Thomas Harmon3Free IndeedMay 25th, 20202020-05-25listingsshows
Deborah Harris33ABN On the RoadDec 21st, 20162016-12-21listingsshows
Michael Hasel7It Is Written, Generation of Youth for Christ 2014Jun 6th, 20202020-06-06listingsshows
Rick Hayes4Free IndeedJun 1st, 20202020-06-01listingsshows
Juliet Van Heerden6Multitude of Counselors, 3ABN TodayJun 2nd, 20202020-06-02listingsshows
Rob Hicks9Free IndeedJun 8th, 20202020-06-08listingsshows
Alden Ho1Faith ChapelNov 30th, 20112011-11-30listingsshows
Christopher Holland23Faith ChapelJul 27th, 20152015-07-27listingsshows
Chris Holland173It Is Written: Canada, It Is WrittenOct 16th, 20192019-10-16listingsshows
Kenneth Hopkins4Free IndeedJun 1st, 20202020-06-01listingsshows
Dan Houghton22Out of Thin Air, 3ABN Today, Night Light Live - 1st Hour, 3ABN Today LIVE, etcMar 14th, 20202020-03-14listingsshows
Mark Howard88Books of the Book: Galatians, Bible Alive, 3ABN On the Road, Michigan Conference Camp Meeting, etcJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listingsshows
Rick Howard18Faith Chapel, Omega - the Train of Deception Progresses, Up Close, The Omega Rebellion, etcMay 22nd, 20202020-05-22listingsshows
Paul Howe1Generation of Youth for Christ 2009Oct 23rd, 20112011-10-23listingsshows
Deniza Hush1Generation of Youth for Christ 2009Oct 29th, 20112011-10-29listingsshows
Dr. Jean Wright II40Multitude of CounselorsJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Chester Clark III10Generation of Youth for Christ 2009, Generation of Youth for ChristOct 26th, 20112011-10-26listingsshows
III133ABN On the RoadMar 10th, 20202020-03-10listingsshows
Sherwin Jack133ABN On the RoadMay 5th, 20202020-05-05listingsshows
Dan Jackson12ASI Conventions, 2016, 3ABN Today, Night Light Live - 1st Hour, Live Specials, etcOct 8th, 20172017-10-08listingsshows
Samuel Lee Jackson3Free IndeedMay 18th, 20202020-05-18listingsshows
Linda Johnson7073ABN Kids Camp Bible Gems, Kids Time, Kids' Time, Issues and Answers, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Donna Johnson5Free IndeedMay 31st, 20202020-05-31listingsshows
Don Johnson16The Carter ReportMar 26th, 20202020-03-26listingsshows
Karen Johnson7It Is WrittenMay 7th, 20202020-05-07listingsshows
Michelle Jones10Free IndeedJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listingsshows
Courtney Jones3Free IndeedMay 20th, 20202020-05-20listingsshows
Michael Jordan3Free IndeedJun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshows
Henry Juarez3Faith ChapelMay 1st, 20152015-05-01listingsshows
Henry Juarez3Faith ChapelMay 2nd, 20152015-05-02listingsshows
Orion Ka93ABN On the RoadMay 3rd, 20202020-05-03listingsshows
Gordon Kainer8Faith ChapelDec 25th, 20112011-12-25listingsshows
Gary Kent230The Incredible Journey, The Incredible Journey..., It Is Written, 3ABN Australia HomecomingJun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshows
Jamie & Kerrie53ABN On the RoadApr 17th, 20202020-04-17listingsshows
Herb Kersten18Truth for These TimesJan 31st, 20122012-01-31listingsshows
Joseph Khabbaz3Move by His PowerAug 30th, 20172017-08-30listingsshows
Alvin Kibble16Anchors of TruthFeb 15th, 20202020-02-15listingsshows
Kids23ABN Homecoming, 3ABN TodayMay 3rd, 20202020-05-03listingsshows
Scott Kiley3Free IndeedMay 14th, 20202020-05-14listingsshows
Justin Kim143ABN On the Road, ASI Conventions, 2013Mar 27th, 20202020-03-27listingsshows
Kim3Free IndeedJun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshows
David Klinedinst4Discover Prophecy, 3ABN TodayNov 13th, 20152015-11-13listingsshows
Pr. David Klinedinst73Discover ProphecyFeb 2nd, 20202020-02-02listingsshows
Dr. David Klinedinst6Discover ProphecyJul 22nd, 20192019-07-22listingsshows
Bill Knott143ABN On the Road, 3ABN Today, Pillars of Our Faith: 2010, A.S.I. 2010Jan 16th, 20182018-01-16listingsshows
David Kulakov2ASI Conventions, 2011, A. S. I. Conventions, 2011Jul 1st, 20132013-07-01listingsshows
Daniel Kurek43ABN On the RoadFeb 25th, 20202020-02-25listingsshows
Justin Lawman2Adventist Youth Conference 2010, Adventist Youth ConferenceNov 6th, 20142014-11-06listingsshows
Dale Leamon70Clovis SDA Church, Faith Chapel, 3ABN TodayApr 12th, 20152015-04-12listingsshows
Mike Leno50Faith ChapelMay 4th, 20152015-05-04listingsshows
Yvonne Lewis1087Urban Report, Magnify Him, 3ABN Today, From Sickness to Health, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
James Rafferty Yvonne Lewis-Shel1Spring Camp MeetingMar 31st, 20202020-03-31listingsshows
Yvonne Lewis-Shelton45Your Favorites By Request, 3ABN Sabbath School Panel, 3ABN Today LIVE, 3ABN Today, etcJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listingsshows
Kelly Linder53ABN On the RoadFeb 17th, 20202020-02-17listingsshows
Desmond Loftis3Free IndeedMay 14th, 20202020-05-14listingsshows
John Lomacang13813ABN Today, 3ABN Sabbath School Panel, A Sharper Focus, Sharper Focus, A, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshowsdetails
Host: John Lomacang40Anchors of TruthJun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshows
SHELLEY QUINN John Lomacang1Spring Camp MeetingApr 7th, 20202020-04-07listingsshows
KAMERON DEVASHER John Lomacang1Spring Camp MeetingMay 4th, 20202020-05-04listingsshows
Doug Batchelor John Lomacang13ABN HomecomingJun 8th, 20202020-06-08listingsshows
Robb Long62Faith ChapelJul 2nd, 20152015-07-02listingsshows
Levi Longoria108Thunder in the Holy Land, 3ABN Today, Urban Report, 3ABN Today LIVEJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
David DeRose M.D.3It Is WrittenNov 26th, 20192019-11-26listingsshows
Rodney MacCullum63ABN On the RoadMar 25th, 20202020-03-25listingsshows
Thando Malambo8Generation of Youth for Christ 2010, Generation of Youth for ChristMay 26th, 20122012-05-26listingsshows
Sargeant Vivian Malone2Free IndeedMay 26th, 20202020-05-26listingsshows
Christy Mann6Free IndeedJun 8th, 20202020-06-08listingsshows
Artura Masci2Move by His PowerAug 30th, 20172017-08-30listingsshows
Wes McDonald5Faith ChapelMar 20th, 20152015-03-20listingsshows
David McEwen5Free IndeedJun 4th, 20202020-06-04listingsshows
Clifford McGee2Free IndeedMay 26th, 20202020-05-26listingsshows
Jack McIntosh9Faith ChapelApr 19th, 20152015-04-19listingsshows
George McLain6Faith ChapelOct 18th, 20162016-10-18listingsshows
Justin McNeilus10Generation of Youth for Christ, Generation of Youth for Christ 2009, Generation of Youth for Christ 2011, Generation of Youth for Christ 2013, etcJul 27th, 20152015-07-27listingsshows
David DeRose MD21It Is Written, LifeStart SeminarsNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listingsshows
Lonnie Melashenko94Voice of Prophecy Speaks, Adventures In Missions, VOP Speaks, DocumentaryJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshowsdetails
Brian Hamilton - 3ABN Board Memb1Spring Camp MeetingMar 30th, 20202020-03-30listingsshows
Carmelita Troy - 3ABN Board Memb1Spring Camp MeetingMar 30th, 20202020-03-30listingsshows
Patricia Merilan2Free IndeedMay 21st, 20202020-05-21listingsshows
Thomas Meyer1Free IndeedDec 6th, 20172017-12-06listingsshows
Thomas Meyer4Free IndeedJun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshows
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Kenny Shelton Danny Shelton1Spring Camp MeetingApr 28th, 20202020-04-28listingsshows
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Brenda Walsh1Kids' Time Praise Holiday SpecialDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listingsshows
Brenda Walsh1Kids' Time Praise Holiday SpecialDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listingsshows
Brenda Walsh1Kids' Time Praise Holiday SpecialDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listingsshows
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