Seventh-day Adventist Satellite

Speakers Aired on Hope Channel

NameShowsSeriesLast Shown
Fountainview Academy14Steps to Christ In Song, Special FeatureApr 3rd, 20122012-04-03listingsshowsdetails
Doug Batchelor1600Everlasting Gospel, Amazing Facts: Central Study Hour, Millennium of Prophecy (AFTV Version), Landmarks of Prophecy, etcMay 4th, 20172017-05-04listingsshowsdetails
Shawn Boonstra260It Is Written: Ministeries, Revelation Speaks Peace, The Appearing, Unlocking the Signs, etcMay 4th, 20172017-05-04listingsshowsdetails
John Bradshaw715Revelation Today, Anchors of Truth, Babylon Rising, 3ABN Today LIVE, etcMay 4th, 20172017-05-04listingsshows
Tatiana Costa1My Story My SongJul 19th, 20122012-07-19listingsshows
Armand Davila1My Story My SongJun 6th, 20122012-06-06listingsshowsdetails
Dick Duerksen437Maranatha Mission Stories, Adventures In MissionsOct 28th, 20152015-10-28listingsshowsdetails
Courtney Fadlin1My Story My SongMar 6th, 20132013-03-06listingsshowsdetails
Ronaldo Fagundes1My Story My SongJul 12th, 20122012-07-12listingsshows
Chatelier Family1My Story My SongMar 11th, 20132013-03-11listingsshowsdetails
Gateway Films2Feature PresentationAug 18th, 20142014-08-18listingsshows
Robson Fonseca1My Story My SongJul 26th, 20122012-07-26listingsshows
Allen & Kelley Fowler43ABN Today, Really LivingNov 28th, 20122012-11-28listingsshows
Sherilyn Gibbs1Really LivingNov 20th, 20122012-11-20listingsshows
Pat Gustin1Really LivingAug 25th, 20112011-08-25listingsshows
George Guthrie40Wonderfully Made, Health for a Lifetime, Forest Lake Church: Festival of HealthMay 1st, 20172017-05-01listingsshows
Don Hales1Really LivingMar 3rd, 20122012-03-03listingsshows
Barbara Hales1Really LivingMar 3rd, 20122012-03-03listingsshows
Ted Hamilton1Forest Lake Church: Festival of HealthAug 20th, 20122012-08-20listingsshows
Allan Handysides18Wonderfully Made, Forest Lake Church: Festival of HealthAug 27th, 20122012-08-27listingsshows
Preston Hawes1My Story My SongFeb 28th, 20132013-02-28listingsshows
Lyell Heise1My Story My SongAug 1st, 20102010-08-01listingsshows
Dany Hernandez1Hope Sabbath SchoolNov 14th, 20122012-11-14listingsshows
Carmen Hope1My Story My SongMar 1st, 20132013-03-01listingsshowsdetails
Warren Judd1Really LivingMar 26th, 20132013-03-26listingsshows
Evelyn Kissinger1Forest Lake Church: Festival of HealthJul 30th, 20122012-07-30listingsshows
Janine Max1My Story My SongMar 18th, 20132013-03-18listingsshowsdetails
Derek Morris60Life and Teachings of Christ, Night Light Live - 1st Hour, Revival and Reformation, ASI Conventions, 2016, etcApr 5th, 20132013-04-05listingsshowsdetails
Jim Nix18Anchors of Truth, Really Living, Special FeatureOct 22nd, 20162016-10-22listingsshows
Delbert Pearman4Really LivingNov 21st, 20122012-11-21listingsshows
Feature Presentation100Documentary, Lifestyle Magazine, Westbrook Hospital, Mission Brother: Mongolia, etcApr 29th, 20172017-04-29listingsshows
Casmelyn Quicoy1My Story My SongJun 4th, 20122012-06-04listingsshows
Rogerio Reis1My Story My SongJul 5th, 20122012-07-05listingsshows
Jose Rojas11Seven Signs, Revival and ReformationApr 2nd, 20132013-04-02listingsshowsdetails
Jason Salgubang1Forest Lake Church: Festival of HealthAug 6th, 20122012-08-06listingsshows
Jason Shives2Forest Lake Church: Festival of HealthJul 23rd, 20122012-07-23listingsshows
Christine Sinclair2My Story My Song, 3ABN TodayMar 5th, 20132013-03-05listingsshowsdetails
Jamie & Jacque Spence1Really LivingJul 26th, 20102010-07-26listingsshows
Little Light Studios10Battlefield Hollywood, Soquel Camp Meeting 2008, ControllerFeb 9th, 20172017-02-09listingsshowsdetails
Lilya Wagner1Really LivingJan 7th, 20122012-01-07listingsshows
David & Beverly Waid1Really LivingNov 15th, 20122012-11-15listingsshows
Carl & Teresa Wilkins1Really LivingNov 27th, 20122012-11-27listingsshowsdetails
Ted N.C. Wilson40Generation of Youth for Christ, ASI Conventions, 2012, 3ABN Today LIVE: 1st Hour, ASI Conventions, 2014, etcNov 21st, 20152015-11-21listingsshows
Wes Youngberg33ABN Today LIVE, Forest Lake Church: Festival of Health, ASI Conventions, 2014Jul 20th, 20152015-07-20listingsshows