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Speakers Aired on Amazing Facts

NameShowsSeriesLast Shown
Pastor Doug Batchelor330How to Interpret Scripture, Time is Ticking Away, The New Heart, Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Doug Batchelor2305Everlasting Gospel, Pastor Doug's Weekly Message, Millennium of Prophecy (AFTV Version), Amazing Facts: Central Study Hour, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshowsdetails
Stephen Bohr1211His Way is in the Sanctuary, The Three Angels Message, Cracking the Genesis Code, Great Apostasies of the Bible, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshowsdetails
John Bradshaw1474Revelation Today, Anchors of Truth, It Is Written Reformation 500 Series, Babylon Rising, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Pastor Shawn Brummund2Salvation by Faith Alone: The Book of Romans, The Book of ActsJun 10th, 20202020-06-10listingsshows
Shawn Brummund18Ezra and Nehemiah, Oneness in Christ, The Book of Acts, The Least of These: Ministering to Those in Need, etcDec 28th, 20192019-12-28listingsshows
Chris Buttery6Christ and His Law, The Teachings of Jesus, Discipleship (2014)Jan 12th, 20202020-01-12listingsshows
Larren Cole17Explaining 666 and the Mark of the Beast, 3ABN Today, Urban Report Long, The 7th Day Beavers, etcJun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshows
Kenneth Cox770Revelation of Jesus Christ, Time of the End, The Sabbath, Anchors of Truth, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshowsdetails
Joe Crews81Joe Crews Video SermonsJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
David DeRose121Wonderfully Made, Health for a Lifetime, Reversing Hypertension, Rebellion and Redemption, etcJun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshows
Mark Finley304Standing at the Crossroads, Revelation's Ancient Discoveries, 3ABN On the Road, Discoveries 2010, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshowsdetails
Eric Flickinger19Revelation of Prophecy, Faith ChapelMar 18th, 20162016-03-18listingsshows
Fountainview41Help In Daily Living, Great Controversy, God So Loved the World, Winter, God So Loved the World, Summer, etcJun 7th, 20202020-06-07listingsshows
Chuck Holtry14Biblical Missionaries, Salvation by Faith Alone: The Book of Romans, The Book of Job, The Gospel in Galatians (2017), etcMay 22nd, 20202020-05-22listingsshows
Gary Kent230The Incredible Journey, The Incredible Journey..., It Is Written, 3ABN Australia HomecomingJun 11th, 20202020-06-11listingsshows
Chad Kreuzer148That You May Know You Have Eternal Life, Did Darwin Murder God?, Clash of Minds, Eight Secrets to Ancient Health, etcMay 30th, 20202020-05-30listingsshows
Don Mackintosh323Variety, Up Close, Proverbs, 3ABN Today, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshowsdetails
Scotty Mayer11The Replacement gODS 2 Documentary, Pseudology : the Art of Lying, Urban Report, The Replacement gODS Documentary, etcJun 3rd, 20202020-06-03listingsshows
Marshall McKenzie12Feed My Sheep, Amazing Disciples, Salvation by Faith Alone: The Book of Romans, Preparation for the End Time, etcMay 25th, 20202020-05-25listingsshows
Brian McMahon19Prophecy Unsealed, Revelation Speaks HopeDec 26th, 20182018-12-26listingsshows
Carissa McSherry7Amazing Disciples, The Role of the Church in the Community, The Gospel in Galatians (2017)May 15th, 20202020-05-15listingsshows
Philip Mills8Light Unshackled, Season 1, 3ABN TodayMay 21st, 20202020-05-21listingsshows
Carlos Munoz1Amazing DoctrinesMay 10th, 20202020-05-10listingsshows
Ivor Myers257Battles of Faith, 3ABN Homecoming 2016, Christ, Calvary, and the Sanctuary, Urban Report, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Other34The Gospel in Galatians (2017), The Least of These: Ministering to Those in Need, Ezra and Nehemiah, The Book of Job, etcJun 4th, 20202020-06-04listingsshows
Taj Pacleb98Revelation of Hope (Pacleb), Agents of Change, Anchors of Truth, Various, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Adam Ramdin143Lineage Journey, Season 1, Lineage Journey, Lineage, 3ABN Today, etcJun 10th, 20202020-06-10listingsshows
Scott Ritsema225Media on the Brain, Raising the Remnant, The Media Mind, Schooled, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Jean Ross61Pastor Doug's Weekly Message, The Book of Revelation, How to Interpret Scripture, Christian Parenting, etcJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Pastor Jean Ross4Amazing Disciples, Amazing Doctrines, Stewardship: Motives of the HeartMay 13th, 20202020-05-13listingsshows
Pastor Jëan Ross6Preparation for the End Time, The Book of Acts, Pastor Doug's Weekly Message, Amazing DisciplesJun 12th, 20202020-06-12listingsshows
Test Speaker3Test SeriesAug 26th, 20102010-08-26listingsshows
TBA1Special PresentationJun 6th, 20202020-06-06listingsshows
Mike Thompson431 and 2 Thessalonians, Discipleship, The Teachings of Jesus, Glimpses of Our God, etcFeb 6th, 20182018-02-06listingsshows
Various4Christmas Concert 2012, Amazing Disciples, Christmas Concert 2011, Church Service LIVEMay 30th, 20202020-05-30listingsshows
Harold White8Amazing Facts: Central Study Hour, Evangelism and WitnessingMay 30th, 20162016-05-30listingsshows
Steve Wohlberg243Coming Out, Battles of Faith, The Antichrist Chronicles, Abortion Controversy, The, etcJun 7th, 20202020-06-07listingsshows
Ron Woolsey104Coming Out, Melody from My Heart, 3ABN Today, Celebrating Life in Recovery, etcJun 10th, 20202020-06-10listingsshows