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Speakers Aired on Amazing Discoveries

NameShowsSeriesLast Shown
Mini Series (Part 1)1otherMar 17th, 20152015-03-17listingsshows
Acts 1011Kameron DeVasherDec 9th, 20142014-12-09listingsshows
Pop Goes the Music - Part 21Dr. Frank GarlockMar 31st, 20132013-03-31listingsshows
Mini Series (Part 2)2other, The Divine PrescriptionMar 18th, 20152015-03-18listingsshows
Mini Series (Part 3)1otherMar 19th, 20152015-03-19listingsshows
Mini Series (Part 4)1otherMar 20th, 20152015-03-20listingsshows
Mini Series (Part 5)1otherMar 22nd, 20152015-03-22listingsshows
Mini Series (Part 6)1otherMay 31st, 20142014-05-31listingsshows
Bible Answers1Victor GillNov 30th, -00010000-00-00listingsshows
Dr. John Apsley2otherNov 16th, 20162016-11-16listingsshows
Shahbaz B.28The Prophetic Picture, Prophetic Picture, Shahbaz B., Living His Life, etcSep 21st, 20172017-09-21listingsshows
Thomas Bentley8Have You Swallowed the Hook?, otherMar 4th, 20182018-03-04listingsshows
Diane Burnett37Proven Principles for Good Health-singles, Finding the Fountain of Youth, History and Heroes (single sermon), History and Heroes, etcMar 23rd, 20182018-03-23listingsshows
Marge Carlson3Joyous WingsDec 16th, 20112011-12-16listingsshows
Moody Classics2MoodyJun 22nd, 20122012-06-22listingsshows
Mark Cleminson3otherOct 15th, 20152015-10-15listingsshowsdetails
Walt Cross1Practical Skills for Country LivingJul 11th, 20112011-07-11listingsshows
Rudy & Jeanie Davis41Healthy From Inside Out, other, Removing the Mystery Behind Disease, Survivor SeriesSep 29th, 20162016-09-29listingsshowsdetails
Jeanie Davis4Removing the Mystery Behind Disease, otherNov 10th, 20102010-11-10listingsshowsdetails
Rudy Davis4other, Living in LoveDec 2nd, 20142014-12-02listingsshows
Allen Davis2Women's OrdinationJun 11th, 20152015-06-11listingsshows
Kameron DeVasher90other, Lightning From Heaven, Acts 101, Anchors of Truth, etcMar 31st, 20182018-03-31listingsshows
Devasher2otherJun 10th, 20152015-06-10listingsshows
Documentary by Amazing Discoveri1Practical Skills for Country LivingApr 28th, 20132013-04-28listingsshows
Documentary65other, The Seventh-Day, Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals, GMO Trilogy, etcMar 29th, 20182018-03-29listingsshows
GeoScience Documentary3otherOct 6th, 20142014-10-06listingsshows
Francois Duplesis4otherJun 4th, 20162016-06-04listingsshows
Through Different Eyes4Dan GabbertJul 5th, 20152015-07-05listingsshows
The Shaping Factor1Daniel PelAug 24th, 20142014-08-24listingsshows
Daniel & Susan Fenoff1Practical Skills for Country LivingDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listingsshows
Gateway Films2Feature PresentationAug 18th, 20142014-08-18listingsshows
Antiquities Research Films3America's BeginningsMar 21st, 20182018-03-21listingsshows
Adullam Films1Feature PresentationSep 21st, 20172017-09-21listingsshows
Keepers of the Flame1otherDec 9th, 20142014-12-09listingsshows
Dan Gabbert130God's Healing Way to Mental and Spiritual Health, Ultimate Experience, Meeting the Crisis in Peace (Survivor Series), other, etcMar 31st, 20182018-03-31listingsshows
Victor Gill Dan Gabbert1The Narrow WayJul 22nd, 20142014-07-22listingsshows
Frank Garlock20The Nature of Music, Pop Goes the MusicAug 24th, 20132013-08-24listingsshows
Dr. Frank Garlock2Pop Goes the MusicMay 19th, 20132013-05-19listingsshows
Eric Garloff38Walking with Jesus, Variety, otherMar 30th, 20182018-03-30listingsshows
Robert Gentry34Documentary, Variety, Lecture, Special Feature, etcMar 28th, 20182018-03-28listingsshowsdetails
David Gentry6Variety, DocumentaryMar 28th, 20182018-03-28listingsshowsdetails
Robert & David Gentry7Chattanooga Conference 2010, Keepers of the FlameMar 1st, 20132013-03-01listingsshows
Victor Gill104other, The Narrow Way, Bible Answers, Living For Jesus, etcMar 25th, 20182018-03-25listingsshowsdetails
Wendy Goubej3otherApr 14th, 20142014-04-14listingsshows
A New Heart1Tim RiesenbergerDec 9th, 20142014-12-09listingsshows
Lynn Hoag1Practical Skills for Country LivingApr 24th, 20132013-04-24listingsshows
Battlefield Hollywood7Little Light MinistriesJul 5th, 20152015-07-05listingsshowsdetails
Rick Howard18Up Close, Faith Chapel, Omega - the Train of Deception Progresses, The Omega Rebellion, etcMar 26th, 20182018-03-26listingsshows
Emmanuel Institute1otherFeb 15th, 20182018-02-15listingsshows
What Faith Is1Joel KratzkeAug 24th, 20142014-08-24listingsshows
Beyond Tomorrow Who Will Make It1Daniel PelFeb 10th, 20162016-02-10listingsshows
Thomas Jackson48From Sickness to Health, The Divine Prescription, otherMar 25th, 20182018-03-25listingsshows
Bruce Jenkins6Interview with Walter VeithFeb 3rd, 20152015-02-03listingsshows
Butch Jensen6The Consistency of God, Consistency of GodJan 12th, 20182018-01-12listingsshows
Bob Jorgensen8Practical Skills for Country LivingSep 30th, 20132013-09-30listingsshows
Kim Kajer1otherMay 7th, 20162016-05-07listingsshows
Joyshop Ministries with Anita Ke1otherDec 2nd, 20142014-12-02listingsshows
Anita Keagy2Life Science, otherMay 17th, 20152015-05-17listingsshows
Kim Kjaer23other, Documentary World View, Kim Kajer, Documentary World View, etcMar 29th, 20182018-03-29listingsshows
Edwin de Kock2otherFeb 19th, 20182018-02-19listingsshows
Joel Kratzke44What Faith Is, Single Sermons, What Is Faith, Acts of Revival, etcMar 26th, 20182018-03-26listingsshows
Chad Kreuzer27That You May Know You Have Eternal Life, Did Darwin Murder God?, other, Generation of Youth for ChristFeb 24th, 20182018-02-24listingsshows
Herb Larsen14Extreme Evangelism, Voice of the Martyrs, Life ScienceMar 19th, 20182018-03-19listingsshows
Living His Life1SkeeteFeb 10th, 20162016-02-10listingsshows
Practical Skills for Country Liv1All YearJun 11th, 20142014-06-11listingsshows
A Closer Look1Randy SkeeteJul 5th, 20152015-07-05listingsshows
Grace Mackintosh16Liberty Insider, otherNov 5th, 20172017-11-05listingsshows
Don Mackintosh304Variety, Up Close, 3ABN Today, The Holy Spirit and Spirituality, etcMar 9th, 20182018-03-09listingsshowsdetails
James Marcum424Bible Rx, Heart of Health, Wonderfully Made, Heartwise, etcMar 27th, 20182018-03-27listingsshows
Hal Mayer23other, Survivor SeriesMar 27th, 20182018-03-27listingsshows
Rob McClintock22other, Total Onslaught, Complete RestorationJan 7th, 20182018-01-07listingsshows
John McDougal1Total Health SolutionsNov 23rd, 20142014-11-23listingsshows
John McDougall35Total Health Solutions, other, Disputes Major Medical TreatmentsApr 19th, 20152015-04-19listingsshowsdetails
Come Search With Me1Subodh PanditJul 5th, 20152015-07-05listingsshows
Hidden Dangers in Kids' Meals2DocumentaryJun 11th, 20142014-06-11listingsshows
Lonnie Melashenko69Voice of Prophecy Speaks, VOP Speaks, DocumentaryMar 28th, 20182018-03-28listingsshowsdetails
Andreas Mellas64other, Single Sermons, Incarnation of Jesus, Acts 101, etcMar 31st, 20182018-03-31listingsshows
Little Light Ministries15Battlefield Hollywood, other, Documentary, Keepers of the FlameMar 29th, 20182018-03-29listingsshowsdetails
Moody53Newton's Workshop, Moody Classics, other, The Wonders of God's Creation, etcOct 17th, 20122012-10-17listingsshowsdetails
Charles Mujikwa10other, That You May Know You Have Eternal LifeMar 16th, 20182018-03-16listingsshows
Scripture Mysteries2otherSep 24th, 20132013-09-24listingsshows
Brian Neumann33Changes in Our Religion, Greater Than Nostradamus, Documentary, other, etcOct 30th, 20112011-10-30listingsshowsdetails
Janet Neumann3other, The Prophetic PictureFeb 26th, 20182018-02-26listingsshows
Barbara O'Neill10From Sickness to HealthNov 23rd, 20172017-11-23listingsshows
Obomsawin19Life Science, Life and Science, other, Practical Skills for Country LivingNov 15th, 20172017-11-15listingsshows
Veith ONLY3The Whole TruthSep 22nd, 20142014-09-22listingsshows
Total Onslaught5Walter VeithFeb 18th, 20172017-02-18listingsshows
Healthy From Inside Out1Rudy & Jeanie DavisNov 30th, -00010000-00-00listingsshows
Gerhard Padderatz20Faith In Times Like These, otherOct 31st, 20152015-10-31listingsshows
Subodh Pandit23Come Search With MeFeb 23rd, 20182018-02-23listingsshows
Dr. Pandit4other, Come Search With MeFeb 9th, 20182018-02-09listingsshows
Digging Up the Past6Francois DuPlessisFeb 18th, 20172017-02-18listingsshows
Daniel Pel107Echoes of the Past & Pictures of the Future, For Such a Time as This, other, Daniel Pel, etcMar 7th, 20182018-03-07listingsshows
Wes Peppers40The Sanctuary, Surrender, and the Spirit in the Last Days, Generation of Youth for Christ 2012, Personal Testimony, Competitive Christianity, etcFeb 21st, 20182018-02-21listingsshows
Victor Gill Phillip1otherNov 26th, 20132013-11-26listingsshows
Victor Gill Phillip1otherNov 26th, 20132013-11-26listingsshows
Daniel Pel Phillip1Echoes of the Past & Pictures of the FutureJun 23rd, 20142014-06-23listingsshows
Daniel Pel Phillip1Echoes of the Past & Pictures of the FutureJun 23rd, 20142014-06-23listingsshows
Samuel Pipim9Why? Questions that Demand AnswersMay 12th, 20112011-05-12listingsshowsdetails
Francois du Plessis143Daniel and Revelation Unlocked, The Whole Truth, the Exodus, other, etcMar 26th, 20182018-03-26listingsshowsdetails
The Divine Prescription1Thomas JacksonFeb 18th, 20172017-02-18listingsshows
Feature Presentation100Lifestyle Magazine, Documentary, Westbrook Hospital, Mission Brother: Mongolia, etcMar 1st, 20182018-03-01listingsshows
Morgon Spurlock Presents1DocumentarySep 22nd, 20152015-09-22listingsshows
LLT Productions2Feature Presentation, DocumentarySep 15th, 20142014-09-15listingsshowsdetails
Eternal Productions1DocumentaryDec 31st, 20122012-12-31listingsshows
The Omega Rebellion1Rick HowardFeb 18th, 20172017-02-18listingsshows
Rekindling the Reformation2Walter VeithOct 27th, 20142014-10-27listingsshows
Dave Reves1otherSep 28th, 20132013-09-28listingsshows
John Rhys-Davies1otherOct 31st, 20142014-10-31listingsshows
Tim Riesenberger42A New Heart, Diabetes and Cancer, 3ABN On the Road, Faith Chapel, etcMar 5th, 20182018-03-05listingsshowsdetails
Scott Ritsema55Undoctrinated, Raising the Remnant, Schooled, Second Beast Rising, etcMar 20th, 20182018-03-20listingsshows
David Rives4other, Documentary, Feature PresentationMar 1st, 20182018-03-01listingsshowsdetails
Tass Saada1otherMar 20th, 20172017-03-20listingsshows
Untangling the Lines - The Sabba1Proven Principles for Good Health-singlesAug 4th, 20172017-08-04listingsshows
Oscar Sande6other, The Weight ConnectionAug 22nd, 20162016-08-22listingsshows
Life Science1ObomsawinAug 24th, 20142014-08-24listingsshows
Shahbaz16other, The Prophetic PictureMar 22nd, 20182018-03-22listingsshows
Philip Sizemore60For Every Truth - Parables from Scripture, A Reason to Believe, Days to Come, other, etcMar 13th, 20182018-03-13listingsshows
Randy Skeete62A Closer Look, Living His Life, Roots of Truth, Living in Love, etcJan 29th, 20182018-01-29listingsshows
Jeffrey Smith5other, the Exodus, GMO TrilogyDec 17th, 20172017-12-17listingsshows
Total Health Solutions1Dr. John McDougallJun 11th, 20142014-06-11listingsshows
Ingo Sorke5Even at the Door, Women's Ordination: History, Issues & ImplicationsJan 12th, 20182018-01-12listingsshows
Little Light Studios10Battlefield Hollywood, Soquel Camp Meeting 2008, ControllerMar 20th, 20182018-03-20listingsshowsdetails
Sherri Tenpenny25other, Total Health Solutions, DocumentaryAug 12th, 20152015-08-12listingsshowsdetails
Faith In Times Like These1Gerhard PadderatzNov 23rd, 20132013-11-23listingsshows
Total Transformation3Walter VeithFeb 10th, 20162016-02-10listingsshows
Disputes Major Medical Treatment1Dr. John McDougallNov 30th, 20122012-11-30listingsshows
John Triplett31Revelation Decoded, Secrets of the Ages, otherJul 28th, 20112011-07-28listingsshowsdetails
Beaming the Truth2otherApr 29th, 20112011-04-29listingsshows
For Every Truth1Phillip SizemoreNov 23rd, 20132013-11-23listingsshows
Daniel & Revelation Unlocked2Francois DuPlessisJun 11th, 20142014-06-11listingsshows
Walter Veith443Total Onslaught, other, The Whole Truth, Walter Veith, etcMar 31st, 20182018-03-31listingsshowsdetails
Bruce Jenkins / Walter Veith18Bruce Jenkins/Walter Veith, other, Total TransformationNov 8th, 20172017-11-08listingsshows
Wendy Goubej / Walter Veith1otherJun 12th, 20142014-06-12listingsshows
Walter & Sonica Veith13Walter & Sonica Veith, otherDec 21st, 20172017-12-21listingsshows
Sonica Veith4Sonica Veith, otherMar 24th, 20182018-03-24listingsshows
Veith1The Whole TruthOct 30th, 20142014-10-30listingsshows
Documentary / Walter Veith2Enmity, Enmity Documentary SeriesMar 5th, 20182018-03-05listingsshows
Edgemont Video1Nature SegmentMar 19th, 20112011-03-19listingsshowsdetails
The Narrow Way1Victor GillJul 5th, 20152015-07-05listingsshows
Dan Wilson11Complete Restoration, otherMay 26th, 20172017-05-26listingsshows
Eric Wilson11Martial Arts: The Dragon's RealmSep 30th, 20172017-09-30listingsshows
God's Wonders2Moody, otherOct 7th, 20112011-10-07listingsshows
Newton's Workshop4MoodyDec 19th, 20112011-12-19listingsshows
Worldview1otherMar 23rd, 20162016-03-23listingsshows
All Year4Practical Skills for Country LivingFeb 12th, 20182018-02-12listingsshows