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Sunday - August 19, 2018

Three Angels Broadcasting Network

Monday - August 20, 2018

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Tuesday - August 21, 2018

Three Angels Broadcasting Network
  • 4:00amMelody from My Heart Music (Denise Barclay, Kersti Esselwall-Smars, E.T. Everett, Melody Firestone, John Lomacang, C.A. Murray, Pauline Taylor-Hunt)
  • 7:00pmAnchors of Truth Born Again (John Lomacang, Host: C.A. Murray)

Wednesday - August 22, 2018

3ABN Kids
Three Angels Broadcasting Network

Thursday - August 23, 2018

Three Angels Broadcasting Network
  • 1:00amA Sharper Focus The Truth About Jesus -part 4 (John Lomacang)

Friday - August 24, 2018


Saturday - August 25, 2018

Dare to Dream
Three Angels Broadcasting Network

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