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VOP SpeaksLonnie MelashenkoSep 24th, 20112011-09-24331 listings
VOP SpeaksLonnie MelashenkoDec 31st, 20102010-12-3131 listings
Voice of Prophecy Speaks2Lonnie MelashenkoDec 20th, 20112011-12-204 listings
An Investment You Can't LoseVoice of Prophecy Speaks26Lonnie MelashenkoDec 2nd, 20172017-12-0225 listings
Armageddon: Cosmic Battle Of The AgesVoice of Prophecy Speaks1Lonnie MelashenkoDec 3rd, 20172017-12-0320 listings
Born To Live ForeverVoice of Prophecy Speaks4Lonnie MelashenkoDec 6th, 20172017-12-0624 listings
Born To Live ForeverVoice of Prophecy Speaks5Lonnie MelashenkoNov 11th, 20172017-11-1122 listings
By Chance Or Design?Voice of Prophecy Speaks7Lonnie MelashenkoDec 9th, 20172017-12-0928 listings
Created For Something BetterVoice of Prophecy Speaks8Lonnie MelashenkoDec 10th, 20172017-12-1026 listings
Evil In ChainsVoice of Prophecy Speaks20Lonnie MelashenkoNov 26th, 20172017-11-2623 listings
Facing The Judgment With ConfidenceVoice of Prophecy Speaks6Lonnie MelashenkoDec 8th, 20172017-12-0824 listings
Forever MarkedVoice of Prophecy Speaks23Lonnie MelashenkoNov 29th, 20172017-11-2927 listings
He's Coming When You Least ExpectSpring Camp Meeting 20147Lonnie MelashenkoDec 31st, 19690 listings
Laymen on the Move3ABN Today LIVE17516Lonnie Melashenko, C.A. MurrayDec 31st, 19690 listings
Laymen on the Move3ABN Today LIVE17516Lonnie Melashenko, C.A. Murray, Laura SommerfieldDec 31st, 19690 listings
Making A New StartVoice of Prophecy Speaks12Lonnie MelashenkoDec 14th, 20172017-12-1431 listings
Messages From Beyond The StarsVoice of Prophecy Speaks25Lonnie MelashenkoDec 1st, 20172017-12-0128 listings
Millions Fooled By A FakeVoice of Prophecy Speaks10Lonnie MelashenkoDec 12th, 20172017-12-1228 listings
Nebuchadnezzar's DreamVoice of Prophecy Speaks2Lonnie MelashenkoNov 8th, 20172017-11-0820 listings
Out Of The Scrap HeapVoice of Prophecy Speaks11Lonnie MelashenkoDec 13th, 20172017-12-1326 listings
Party For ProdigalsVoice of Prophecy Speaks16Lonnie MelashenkoNov 22nd, 20172017-11-2225 listings
Surviving The Coming TribulationVoice of Prophecy Speaks24Lonnie MelashenkoNov 30th, 20172017-11-3022 listings
Ten Commandments Musical 'Love at Work'3ABN Today15063Yvonne Lewis, Schubert Palmer MD, Lonnie Melashenko, Yolanda Palmer, Danny SheltonDec 31st, 19690 listings
The Best Is Yet To ComeVoice of Prophecy Speaks22Lonnie MelashenkoNov 28th, 20172017-11-2824 listings
The Elijah MessageVoice of Prophecy Speaks15Lonnie MelashenkoNov 21st, 20172017-11-2130 listings
The Great EscapeVoice of Prophecy Speaks13Lonnie MelashenkoSep 2nd, 20172017-09-0228 listings
The Great PretenderVoice of Prophecy Speaks18Lonnie MelashenkoNov 24th, 20172017-11-2427 listings
The Unpardonable SinVoice of Prophecy Speaks19Lonnie MelashenkoNov 25th, 20172017-11-2528 listings
The Woman Of RevelationVoice of Prophecy Speaks17Lonnie MelashenkoJun 21st, 20162016-06-2125 listings
buyviewThe Young Age of the EarthDocumentaryRobert Gentry, David Gentry, Lonnie MelashenkoDec 29th, 20162016-12-2984 listings
Turn Back The ClockVoice of Prophecy Speaks21Lonnie MelashenkoMar 12th, 20172017-03-1225 listings
What Ever Happened To Right And Wrong?Voice of Prophecy Speaks9Lonnie MelashenkoDec 11th, 20172017-12-1129 listings
What Happens When You Die?Voice of Prophecy Speaks14Lonnie MelashenkoFeb 7th, 20172017-02-0727 listings
Why So Much Suffering?Voice of Prophecy Speaks3Lonnie MelashenkoDec 5th, 20172017-12-0525 listings