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Around The WorldLaymen Ministries124Jeff ReichJul 5th, 20112011-07-0515 listings
Around The WorldLaymen Ministries124Jeff ReichDec 12th, 20112011-12-122 listings
India: Fishers of MenLaymen Ministries137Jeff ReichNov 29th, 20142014-11-291 listings
India: The LegacyLaymen MinistriesLM000146Jeff ReichFeb 10th, 20182018-02-101 listings
Interview With Michael MccaffreyLaymen Ministries122AJeff ReichJul 26th, 20112011-07-2615 listings
Interview With Michael Mccaffrey, Pt. 2Laymen Ministries122BJeff ReichAug 2nd, 20112011-08-0214 listings
Lithuania: A Good WorkLaymen Ministries138Jeff ReichMar 24th, 20152015-03-244 listings
Lithuania: Source Of HopeLaymen Ministries128Jeff ReichJan 28th, 20122012-01-289 listings
Lithuania: The DreamLaymen Ministries112BJeff ReichAug 23rd, 20112011-08-2311 listings
Lithuania: The DreamLaymen Ministries112BJeff ReichOct 9th, 20122012-10-092 listings
Lm Missionaries: Pastor JohnsonLaymen Ministries120Jeff ReichFeb 1st, 20112011-02-012 listings
Lm Missionaries: Pastor JohnsonLaymen Ministries120Jeff ReichDec 13th, 20112011-12-133 listings
North IndiaLaymen Ministries126Jeff ReichAug 30th, 20112011-08-305 listings
North IndiaLaymen Ministries126Jeff ReichFeb 10th, 20152015-02-106 listings
Past, Present and FutureLaymen MinistriesLM000141Jeff ReichDec 31st, 19690 listings
Pastor JohnsonLaymen MinistriesLM000130Jeff ReichJan 13th, 20182018-01-131 listings
Pastor Johnson / Studio Part 2Laymen Ministries100134Jeff ReichMar 8th, 20142014-03-081 listings
RomaniaLaymen Ministries111Jeff ReichDec 13th, 20102010-12-138 listings
RomaniaLaymen Ministries111Jeff ReichJul 31st, 20122012-07-3110 listings
South IndiaLaymen Ministries125Jeff ReichSep 20th, 20112011-09-2021 listings
South IndiaLaymen Ministries125Jeff ReichNov 29th, 20112011-11-293 listings
The Philippines: New Horizons, Part 2Laymen Ministries100133Jeff ReichJun 13th, 20152015-06-131 listings
To Be A MissionaryLaymen Ministries118Jeff ReichJun 7th, 20112011-06-079 listings
To Be A MissionaryLaymen MinistriesJeff ReichDec 30th, 19691969-12-301 listings
To Be A MissionaryLaymen MinistriesLM000118Jeff ReichJan 6th, 20182018-01-061 listings
Vanuatu's Last FrontierLaymen Ministries114BJeff ReichSep 13th, 20112011-09-1318 listings
Vanuatu: ExpansionLaymen Ministries127Jeff ReichMar 9th, 20132013-03-091 listings
Vanuatu: Foundations of FaithLaymen Ministries136Jeff ReichApr 14th, 20152015-04-142 listings
Vanuatu: Life and DeathLaymen Ministries135Jeff ReichJul 18th, 20152015-07-183 listings
Vanuatu: Surviving the StormLaymen Ministries144Jeff ReichOct 22nd, 20162016-10-221 listings
Winds Of ChangeLaymen Ministries110Jeff ReichJun 28th, 20112011-06-286 listings
Youth In Mission, #4Laymen Ministries106Jeff ReichOct 18th, 20112011-10-183 listings
Youth In Missions 5Laymen Ministries123Jeff ReichSep 3rd, 20112011-09-0318 listings
Youth In Missions 5Laymen Ministries123Jeff ReichMar 20th, 20122012-03-201 listings