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Conflict in the TempleBooks of the Book: John13Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezNov 9th, 20162016-11-092 listings
Conflict in the TempleBooks of the BookBOTB007013Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezFeb 5th, 20182018-02-051 listings
Elect StrangersBooks of the Book: Peter2Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdMar 2nd, 20162016-03-024 listings
Experience And Scripture, Pt. 1Books of the Book: Peter19Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdJun 29th, 20162016-06-292 listings
Experience And Scripture, Pt. 2Books of the Book: Peter20Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdJul 6th, 20162016-07-061 listings
Facing Suffering With A New MindsetBooks of the Book: Peter3Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdMar 9th, 20162016-03-094 listings
God Is Not Slow, He Is SlowBooks of the Book: Peter24Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdAug 3rd, 20162016-08-035 listings
Going AwayBooks of the Book: John21Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezJan 4th, 20172017-01-042 listings
Gone FishingBooks of the Book: John27Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezFeb 15th, 20172017-02-152 listings
Healing the Blind ManBooks of the Book: John14Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezNov 16th, 20162016-11-162 listings
How To Get Along With A RascalBooks of the Book: Peter11Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdMay 4th, 20162016-05-041 listings
Jesus Prays for YouBooks of the Book: John23Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezJan 18th, 20172017-01-182 listings
John Among the GospelsBooks of the Book: John3Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezNov 28th, 20172017-11-282 listings
Judgment & EschatologyBooks of the Book: John11Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezDec 31st, 20172017-12-313 listings
Like A Horse And Carriage3ABN Today LIVE13507Leandra Barr, Rena Lee, Ademar Neto, J.D. & Shelley Quinn, Deyvy Rodriguez, Robert & Nadya Stotz, Kyle & Nicole WarrenFeb 14th, 20132013-02-141 listings
Mary, Martha & LazarusBooks of the Book: John16Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezNov 30th, 20162016-11-302 listings
Mary, Martha & LazarusBooks of the BookBOTB007016Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezFeb 26th, 20182018-02-261 listings
Mistreated for Doing What's Right, Pt. 1Books of the Book: Peter12Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdMay 11th, 20162016-05-111 listings
Mistreated for Doing What's Right, Pt. 2Books of the Book: Peter13Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdMay 18th, 20162016-05-181 listings
Patience And The Apostle PaulBooks of the Book: Peter25Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdNov 6th, 20172017-11-064 listings
Stepping Stone Or Stumbling Block?Books of the Book: Peter7Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdApr 6th, 20162016-04-061 listings
The Anger Pastor, Pt. 1Books of the Book: Peter21Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdJul 13th, 20162016-07-132 listings
The Anger Pastor, Pt. 2Books of the Book: Peter22Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdJul 20th, 20162016-07-202 listings
The Baptist & the Early Disciples of JohnBooks of the Book: John5Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezDec 11th, 20172017-12-113 listings
The Bread of LifeBooks of the Book: John12Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezNov 2nd, 20162016-11-022 listings
The Cleansing of the TempleBooks of the Book: John7Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezDec 25th, 20172017-12-255 listings
The Crucifixion, Pt. 1Books of the Book: John24Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezJan 25th, 20172017-01-252 listings
The Crucifixion, Pt. 2Books of the Book: John25Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezFeb 1st, 20172017-02-012 listings
The First DiscourseBooks of the Book: John19Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezDec 21st, 20162016-12-212 listings
The Foot WashingBooks of the Book: John18Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezNov 7th, 20172017-11-075 listings
The Good ShepherdBooks of the Book: John15Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezNov 23rd, 20162016-11-232 listings
The Holy Spirit in the Gospel of JohnBooks of the Book: John22Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezJan 11th, 20172017-01-112 listings
The Importance Of CreationBooks of the Book: Peter23Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdJul 27th, 20162016-07-271 listings
The Nicodemus StoryBooks of the Book: John8Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezOct 5th, 20162016-10-051 listings
The Power Of The Word Of GodBooks of the Book: Peter6Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdMar 30th, 20162016-03-301 listings
The PrologueBooks of the Book: John2Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezNov 21st, 20172017-11-213 listings
The Purpose of John's GospelBooks of the Book: John4Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezDec 5th, 20172017-12-053 listings
The Resurrection & ConclusionBooks of the Book: John26Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezFeb 8th, 20172017-02-083 listings
The Revelation Of MinistryBooks of the Book: Peter4Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdMar 16th, 20162016-03-162 listings
The Samaritan WomanBooks of the Book: John9Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezOct 12th, 20162016-10-121 listings
The Secret Of HolinessBooks of the Book: Peter5Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdMar 23rd, 20162016-03-232 listings
The Setting Of 1 & 2 PeterBooks of the Book: Peter1Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdFeb 24th, 20162016-02-242 listings
The Shadow of the CrossBooks of the Book: John17Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezDec 8th, 20162016-12-083 listings
The Silent EvangelistBooks of the Book: Peter10Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdApr 28th, 20162016-04-283 listings
The Unexpected Example, Pt. 1Books of the Book: Peter8Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdApr 13th, 20162016-04-133 listings
The Unexpected Example, Pt. 2Books of the Book: Peter9Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdApr 20th, 20162016-04-201 listings
The Vine & the BranchesBooks of the Book: John20Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezDec 28th, 20162016-12-284 listings
The Wedding at CanaBooks of the Book: John6Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezDec 19th, 20172017-12-199 listings
Two Remarkable HealingsBooks of the Book: John10Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezOct 19th, 20162016-10-194 listings
Unique Features of JohnBooks of the Book: John1Jon Paulien, Deyvy RodriguezAug 17th, 20162016-08-171 listings
Upside-down LeadershipBooks of the Book: Peter17Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdJun 15th, 20162016-06-151 listings
What God Wants To Do For YouBooks of the Book: Peter18Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdJun 22nd, 20162016-06-221 listings
Why I Go To ChurchBooks of the Book: Peter15Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdJun 1st, 20162016-06-012 listings
Why It's A Blessing To Be PersecutedBooks of the Book: Peter16Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdJun 8th, 20162016-06-081 listings
Why Your Old Friends Don't Like You AnymoreBooks of the Book: Peter14Deyvy Rodriguez, Tom ShepherdMay 25th, 20162016-05-251 listings