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New Journey, The27Carlos Gomez, Marquis JohnsJul 12th, 20152015-07-128 listings
New Journey, The28Marquis Johns, James JonesJul 13th, 20152015-07-138 listings
New Journey, The29Marquis Johns, Keith JohnsonJul 14th, 20152015-07-148 listings
New Journey, The30Rainbow Israel, Marquis JohnsJul 16th, 20152015-07-169 listings
New Journey, The31Wilhemina Cobb, Marquis JohnsJul 17th, 20152015-07-1710 listings
New Journey, The32Marquis Johns, Daniel McManusJul 18th, 20152015-07-189 listings
New Journey, The33Kenneth Ambrose, Marquis JohnsJul 19th, 20152015-07-199 listings
New Journey, The34Marquis Johns, Bernard ThompsonJul 20th, 20152015-07-209 listings
New Journey, The35Darren Cumberbatch, Marquis JohnsJul 21st, 20152015-07-218 listings
New Journey, The36Marquis Johns, Ross WarnerJul 22nd, 20152015-07-228 listings
New Journey, The38Marquis Johns, Sam YoungJan 20th, 20162016-01-206 listings
New Journey, The39Orlando Boyd, Marquis JohnsMay 21st, 20152015-05-217 listings
Born AgainThe New Journey23William Bumphus, Marquis JohnsOct 8th, 20122012-10-088 listings
Born AgainNew Journey, The23William Bumphus, Marquis JohnsJul 8th, 20152015-07-085 listings
Business Man Prison MinistryThe New Journey16Ken Beache, Marquis JohnsDec 18th, 20122012-12-185 listings
Business Man Prison MinistryNew Journey, The16Ken Beache, Marquis JohnsSep 2nd, 20152015-09-0212 listings
Drugs And LossThe New Journey18Marquis Johns, Adam SnodgrassJan 15th, 20132013-01-155 listings
Drugs And LossNew Journey, The18Marquis Johns, Adam SnodgrassMay 2nd, 20152015-05-027 listings
Falsely AccusedThe New Journey25Marquis Johns, Wesley ShawOct 10th, 20122012-10-104 listings
Falsely AccusedNew Journey, The25Marquis Johns, Wesley ShawJan 1st, 20152015-01-013 listings
Free In JesusThe New Journey22Marquis Johns, Cody StewartJan 19th, 20132013-01-1911 listings
Free In JesusNew Journey, The22Marquis Johns, Cody StewartJul 7th, 20152015-07-079 listings
Gang BangerThe New Journey14David Butler, Marquis JohnsSep 28th, 20122012-09-282 listings
Gang BangerNew Journey, The14David Butler, Marquis JohnsDec 21st, 20142014-12-214 listings
Highway HeavenThe New Journey19Marquis Johns, Shane RiddleSep 7th, 20122012-09-073 listings
Highway HeavenNew Journey, The19Marquis Johns, Shane RiddleJul 4th, 20152015-07-049 listings
Pastor With A PastUrban Report13Marquis Johns, Yvonne LewisApr 19th, 20122012-04-192 listings
RestoredThe New Journey21Marquis Johns, Bryan MyersJan 18th, 20132013-01-188 listings
RestoredNew Journey, The21Marquis Johns, Bryan MyersJul 6th, 20152015-07-0610 listings
Set The Captives FreeThe New Journey20Jeffry Cobbs, Marquis JohnsJan 17th, 20132013-01-179 listings
Set The Captives FreeNew Journey, The20Jeffry Cobbs, Marquis JohnsJul 5th, 20152015-07-059 listings
Teen PregnancyThe New Journey17Shannon Bellanger, Mariah Hunt, Marquis JohnsJan 14th, 20132013-01-147 listings
Teen PregnancyNew Journey, The17Shannon Bellanger, Mariah Hunt, Marquis JohnsSep 3rd, 20152015-09-0311 listings
Teen TurmoilThe New Journey15Kyle Gilbert, Marquis JohnsSep 30th, 20122012-09-307 listings
Teen TurmoilNew Journey, The15Kyle Gilbert, Marquis JohnsSep 1st, 20152015-09-0110 listings
Trouble Follows YouThe New Journey26Marquis Johns, Tate KimuraOct 11th, 20122012-10-117 listings
Trouble Follows YouNew Journey, The26Marquis Johns, Tate KimuraJul 11th, 20152015-07-116 listings
Two Friends' TestimoniesThe New Journey24Marquis Johns, Leanne Lengerich, Erica SouleJan 21st, 20132013-01-2110 listings
Two Friends' TestimoniesNew Journey, The24Marquis Johns, Leanne Lengerich, Erica SouleJul 9th, 20152015-07-098 listings