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A Personal View of Prison MinistryNew Journey, The70Aaron Chancy, Rick HowardSep 17th, 20172017-09-179 listings
Be In Good HealthThe New Journey9Aaron Chancy, Magna ParksMar 25th, 20122012-03-256 listings
Be In Good HealthNew Journey, The9Aaron Chancy, Magna ParksAug 13th, 20172017-08-1323 listings
Bridge the GapNew Journey, The49Aaron Chancy, Michael & Tanja RichardsAug 27th, 20172017-08-2726 listings
Christmas Behind Bars & Free IndeedThe New Journey2Aaron Chancy, Donna Vega, Lemuel VegaOct 13th, 20122012-10-1311 listings
Christmas Behind Bars & Free IndeedNew Journey, The2Aaron Chancy, Donna Vega, Lemuel VegaSep 24th, 20172017-09-2428 listings
Closer than a Brother -part 1New Journey, The41Aaron Chancy, Annex LuberisseAug 19th, 20172017-08-196 listings
Closer than a Brother -part 2New Journey, The42Aaron Chancy, Annex LuberisseAug 20th, 20172017-08-206 listings
ConquerorNew Journey, The47Jason Bulgin, Aaron ChancyJul 2nd, 20162016-07-0214 listings
Don't Follow MeThe New Journey13Aaron Chancy, Cleveland HouserJan 10th, 20132013-01-1011 listings
Don't Follow MeNew Journey, The13Aaron Chancy, Cleveland HouserAug 17th, 20172017-08-1722 listings
From Darkness to LightNew Journey, The71Aaron Chancy, Claire MadeusSep 18th, 20172017-09-189 listings
From the Field to the FoldNew Journey, The68Aaron Chancy, Joshua WardAug 30th, 20162016-08-302 listings
God is Your FatherNew Journey, The51Aaron Chancy, Amanda ScottAug 29th, 20172017-08-2924 listings
Gospel in the GhettoNew Journey, The67Aaron Chancy, Travonne DillonSep 14th, 20172017-09-149 listings
Hope For Tomorrow MinistriesThe New Journey7Aaron Chancy, Donell MorganSep 21st, 20122012-09-214 listings
Hope For Tomorrow MinistriesNew Journey, The7Aaron Chancy, Donell MorganSep 30th, 20172017-09-3024 listings
J A S 4 Y O U Development Foundation, Pt. 1The New Journey11Aaron Chancy, Paula HollmonJan 8th, 20132013-01-086 listings
J A S 4 Y O U Development Foundation, Pt. 1New Journey, The11Aaron Chancy, Paula HollmonAug 15th, 20172017-08-1520 listings
J A S 4 Y O U Development Foundation, Pt. 2The New Journey12Aaron Chancy, Paula HollmonDec 14th, 20122012-12-147 listings
J A S 4 Y O U Development Foundation, Pt. 2New Journey, The12Aaron Chancy, Paula HollmonAug 16th, 20172017-08-1623 listings
Know Christ for YourselfNew Journey, The73Jermaine Bentley, Aaron ChancySep 20th, 20172017-09-209 listings
L.I.A. House MinistryThe New Journey5Aaron Chancy, Johnnie Duncan, Leo TateAug 24th, 20122012-08-2410 listings
L.I.A. House MinistryNew Journey, The5Aaron Chancy, Johnnie Duncan, Leo TateSep 27th, 20172017-09-2727 listings
Life After DeathNew Journey, The40Britney Carter, Aaron ChancyDec 16th, 20162016-12-161 listings
Longview Prison MinistryThe New Journey4Aaron Chancy, James G. Owen, Alvin PuguesApr 15th, 20122012-04-154 listings
Longview Prison MinistryNew Journey, The4Aaron Chancy, James G. Owen, Alvin PuguesSep 26th, 20172017-09-2627 listings
Ministry Of TruthThe New Journey3Aaron Chancy, Dennis, Melody, Travis PageOct 14th, 20122012-10-1413 listings
Ministry Of TruthNew Journey, The3Aaron Chancy, Dennis, Melody, Travis PageSep 25th, 20172017-09-2526 listings
Parole Re-EntryNew Journey, The66Aaron Chancy, Tresa FletcherSep 13th, 20172017-09-1312 listings
Personal TestimonyUrban Report99Aaron Chancy, Yvonne LewisNov 17th, 20152015-11-177 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, The53Aaron Chancy, Keisha & Trecia LyonJul 13th, 20172017-07-1322 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, The54Aaron Chancy, Greg HinesJul 9th, 20162016-07-0911 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, The55Dwight Campbell, Aaron ChancyJul 15th, 20172017-07-1526 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, The56Aaron Chancy, Rocky MertensJul 16th, 20172017-07-1631 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, The57Aaron Chancy, Kendor ShyJul 18th, 20172017-07-1831 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, The58Wale Adepoju, Aaron ChancySep 5th, 20172017-09-0528 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, The59Aaron Chancy, Donald OwenSep 6th, 20172017-09-0629 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, The60Aaron Chancy, Yvonne LewisSep 7th, 20172017-09-0729 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, The61Aaron Chancy, Terrence MarshallJul 16th, 20162016-07-1622 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, The62Aaron Chancy, Jason MooreSep 9th, 20172017-09-0927 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, The63Aaron Chancy, Kitrell LucasSep 10th, 20172017-09-1030 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, The64Aaron Chancy, G. Paul Foster IISep 11th, 20172017-09-1131 listings
Personal TestimonyNew Journey, The65Aaron Chancy, DeMarrus MillerSep 12th, 20172017-09-1223 listings
Prison MinistryNew Journey, The46Aaron Chancy, Steven RadfordAug 24th, 20172017-08-248 listings
Restored by GodNew Journey, The72Aaron Chancy, Woodrow VaughnSep 19th, 20172017-09-197 listings
Rock BottomNew Journey, The50Aaron Chancy, Darrin LoganAug 28th, 20172017-08-2824 listings
Saved by GraceNew Journey, The52Aaron Chancy, Ray ClayAug 30th, 20172017-08-3028 listings
Spirit Reign CommunicationsThe New Journey10Jeremy Anderson, Aaron ChancyJun 12th, 20122012-06-125 listings
Spirit Reign CommunicationsNew Journey, The10Jeremy Anderson, Aaron ChancyAug 14th, 20172017-08-1420 listings
Stop the Violence -part 1New Journey, The43Aaron Chancy, Latoya HollomanAug 21st, 20172017-08-216 listings
Stop the Violence -part 2New Journey, The44Aaron Chancy, Latoya HollomanAug 22nd, 20172017-08-226 listings
The Living WordNew Journey, The48Aaron Chancy, Michael ShepperdAug 26th, 20172017-08-2626 listings
The New JourneyUrban Report2Aaron Chancy, Yvonne LewisApr 13th, 20122012-04-1313 listings
The Power of Prayer Part 1New Journey, The74Patrick Baker, Jay Beckley, Aaron ChancySep 21st, 20172017-09-2110 listings
The Power of Prayer Part 2New Journey, The75Patrick Baker, Jay Beckley, Aaron Chancy, Shanice Whitely, Andrew WilsonDec 3rd, 20162016-12-036 listings
The Transformation ProcessNew Journey, The69Aaron Chancy, Pr. Ricky WadeSep 16th, 20172017-09-169 listings
The X Offender NetworkThe New Journey6Aaron Chancy, Tony HallJan 3rd, 20132013-01-0315 listings
The X Offender NetworkNew Journey, The6Aaron Chancy, Tony HallSep 29th, 20172017-09-2922 listings
TransformationNew Journey, The45Aaron Chancy, Pr. Ricky WadeAug 23rd, 20172017-08-236 listings
Unchained MinistryThe New Journey1Aaron Chancy, George Whirley, Vera WhirleyOct 12th, 20122012-10-1215 listings
Unchained MinistryNew Journey, The1Aaron Chancy, George Whirley, Vera WhirleySep 23rd, 20172017-09-2333 listings
United Prison Ministries InternationalThe New Journey8Aaron Chancy, Steven RodfordJan 31st, 20132013-01-319 listings
United Prison Ministries InternationalNew Journey, The8Aaron Chancy, Steven RodfordAug 12th, 20172017-08-1224 listings