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Melody from My Heart324“He Hideth My Soul” Dave &, “That’s When I Feel Amazing, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God, “What A Precious Friend Is He, “Four Days Late” – Kateena, “When Jesus Came” Scott Mic, Tim Parton, “I Give All My Life To You”Jun 16th, 20152015-06-165 listings
Your Favorites By RequestYFBR000004Tim PartonMay 13th, 20182018-05-132 listings
Your Favorites By RequestYFBR000006Tim PartonNov 19th, 20182018-11-196 listings
Your Favorites By RequestYFBR000005Tim PartonMay 20th, 20182018-05-203 listings
Your Favorites By RequestYFBR000007Tim PartonApr 1st, 20182018-04-012 listings
Your Favorites By RequestYFBR000008Tim PartonApr 8th, 20182018-04-083 listings
Your Favorites By RequestYFBR000001Tim PartonApr 22nd, 20182018-04-222 listings
Your Favorites By RequestYFBR000002Tim PartonApr 29th, 20182018-04-292 listings
Your Favorites By RequestYFBR000003Tim PartonMay 6th, 20182018-05-061 listings
Your Favorites By RequestYFBR000009Tim PartonApr 15th, 20182018-04-151 listings
Today Family WorshipTDYFW018021Donald & Janelle Owen, Tim PartonJul 20th, 20182018-07-202 listings
3ABN Christmas Special3ABN Christmas Special170013Yvonne Lewis, John Lomacang, Tim PartonDec 30th, 20172017-12-304 listings
3ABN Music3ABN TodayTDY018067Ryan Day, Tim PartonSep 8th, 20182018-09-082 listings
3ABN Russia Trip3ABN TodayTDY017095Rodney Laney, Greg & Jill Morikone, Tim Parton, Brad WalkerJul 10th, 20182018-07-102 listings
3ABN Today with Reggie and Ladye Love Smith3ABN TodayTDY017040Tim Parton, Reggie & Ladye Love SmithSep 2nd, 20182018-09-022 listings
Answered PrayerToday Family WorshipTDYFW018020Alexey Britov, Julia Outkina, Tim Parton, Vadim TrusyuJul 13th, 20182018-07-132 listings
Australia Special3ABN TodayTDY018089Ryan Day, John & Angela Lomacang, Tim PartonNov 17th, 20182018-11-174 listings
“The New Birth”Today Family WorshipTDYFW017040Tim Parton, JD & Shelley QuinnJan 26th, 20182018-01-262 listings
Blameless Before GodToday Family WorshipTDYFW018028Jill Morikone, CA Murray, Tim Parton, & Gary WillSep 7th, 20182018-09-072 listings
Child of GodToday Family WorshipTDYFW018014Dee Hilderbrand, Jill Morikone, C.A Murray, Tim PartonMay 11th, 20182018-05-112 listings
Christmas with 3ABN Family and Friends3ABN Christmas Special8Celestine Barry, Bruce & Tammy Chance, Yvonne Lewis, John & Angie Lomacang, Greg & Jill Morikone, C.A. & Irma Murray, Tim Parton, Danny Shelton, Kenny & Chris Shelton, Reggie & Ladye Love SmithDec 25th, 20172017-12-255 listings
Christmas with Reggie & Ladye Love Smith3ABN Christmas Special7Mark & Wanda Burchfield, Lawson Ivy, Emmy Love, Tim Parton, Reggie & Ladye Love Smith, Jesse Smith, Brett SmithDec 25th, 20172017-12-254 listings
Claiming Promises from God's WordToday Family WorshipTDYFW018029Jason & Francine Bergmann, Tim PartonSep 21st, 20182018-09-212 listings
Evangelistic Outreach3ABN Today LIVETL018538Dwight Hall, Tim Parton, Moses Primo, Shelley & JD Quinn.Nov 6th, 20182018-11-062 listings
FearToday Family Worship17036Jason Bradley, Luis Capote, Eric Durant, Tim Parton, J. D. Quinn, Kenny SheltonNov 24th, 20172017-11-242 listings
Give Him Glory Project3ABN Today LIVETL018524Ryan Day, John Lomacang, Tim Parton, Lanny WolfeAug 2nd, 20182018-08-024 listings
Help LordToday Family WorshipTDYFW018031Jason Bradley, Ryan Day, Dee Hilderbrand, Tim PartonOct 19th, 20182018-10-192 listings
MusicMelody from My Heart259Mahalia Christy, Steve Darmody, Christian Edition, Jaime Jorge, Gale Murphy, Tim Parton, Tommy Shelton, Mark TrammellDec 29th, 20112011-12-294 listings
Music Program3ABN Today11020Yvonne Lewis, John Lomacang, Tim Parton, Danny SheltonJul 17th, 20112011-07-177 listings
Music with Danny and Friends3ABN TodayTDY017006Yvonne Lewis, John Lomacang, C.A. Murray, Tim PartonAug 11th, 20182018-08-114 listings
Pillars Concert3ABN Homecoming 20112Tammy Chance, Melody Firestone, Yvonne Lewis, John Lomacang, C.A. Murray, Tim Parton, Danny Shelton, Reggie & Ladye Love SmithNov 17th, 20112011-11-172 listings
Spiritual DiscernmentToday Family WorshipTDYFW018026Ryan Day, Stephanie Day, Tim PartonAug 31st, 20182018-08-312 listings
ThanksgivingToday Family WorshipTDYFW018036Dee Hilderbrand, Danny & Yvonne Lewis-Shelton, Tim PartonNov 16th, 20182018-11-162 listings
Thanksgiving Special3ABN Today LIVE: 1st Hour12534Bruce & Tammy Chance, Melody Firestone, Jim Gilley, Camille Gilley, Yvonne Lewis, John Lomacang, C.A. & Irma Murray, Tim Parton, Kenny & Kris Shelton, Danny Shelton, Reggie & Ladye Love SmithNov 22nd, 20122012-11-221 listings
Thanksgiving Special3ABN Today LIVE: 2nd Hour12534Bruce & Tammy Chance, Melody Firestone, Jim Gilley, Camille Gilley, Yvonne Lewis, John Lomacang, C.A. & Irma Murray, Tim Parton, Kenny & Kris Shelton, Danny Shelton, Reggie & Ladye Love SmithNov 22nd, 20122012-11-221 listings
The Joy of Forgiveness3ABN TodayTDY018034Tim PartonOct 27th, 20182018-10-274 listings
This Is The Day The Lord Has Made3ABN TodayTDY018045Tim PartonJul 28th, 20182018-07-282 listings
Tim Parton Alone with the Piano3ABN Christmas Special170012Tim PartonDec 25th, 20172017-12-251 listings