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A Christian View Of SexAmazing Discoveries14John CarterNov 29th, 20102010-11-291 listings
Amazing Discoveries In Lost Cities Of The DeadAmazing Discoveries1John CarterNov 12th, 20102010-11-121 listings
Antichrist In Action - Africa BewareAmazing Discoveries9John CarterNov 23rd, 20102010-11-231 listings
Dark Deeds Of Antichrist RevealedAmazing Discoveries10John CarterNov 24th, 20102010-11-241 listings
Freedom From Guilt And FearAmazing Discoveries11John CarterNov 25th, 20102010-11-251 listings
Is It Necessary To Be Baptized To Be Saved?Amazing Discoveries13John CarterNov 27th, 20102010-11-271 listings
The Greatest Archaeological Discovery Of All TimeAmazing Discoveries5John CarterNov 17th, 20102010-11-171 listings
The Jew, The Arab And JerusalemAmazing Discoveries3John CarterNov 15th, 20102010-11-151 listings
The Last International Sign Before ArmageddonAmazing Discoveries6John CarterNov 18th, 20102010-11-181 listings
The Man Who Wrote His Own Life Story Before He Was BornAmazing Discoveries7John CarterNov 20th, 20102010-11-201 listings
The Mark Of The BeastAmazing Discoveries15John CarterNov 30th, 20102010-11-301 listings
The Next 1,000 Years In Bible ProphecyAmazing Discoveries18John CarterDec 3rd, 20102010-12-031 listings
The Rise Of The Dreaded AntichristAmazing Discoveries8John CarterNov 22nd, 20102010-11-221 listings
The Sinister World Of The OccultAmazing Discoveries17John CarterDec 2nd, 20102010-12-021 listings
Visitors From Other WorldsAmazing Discoveries4John CarterNov 16th, 20102010-11-161 listings
What And Where Is Heaven?Amazing Discoveries19John CarterDec 4th, 20102010-12-041 listings
Where Are The Beloved Dead?Amazing Discoveries16John CarterDec 1st, 20102010-12-011 listings
Wonder Cities Of The PastAmazing Discoveries2John CarterNov 13th, 20102010-11-131 listings