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Share Him65Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergMar 2nd, 20112011-03-024 listings
Share Him66Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergMay 30th, 20112011-05-3010 listings
Share Him67Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergJun 8th, 20112011-06-0810 listings
Share Him70Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergJun 22nd, 20112011-06-229 listings
Share Him72Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergJun 29th, 20112011-06-296 listings
Behind The ScenesShare Him46Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg JrJul 20th, 20112011-07-203 listings
BulgariaShare Him36Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.Jan 26th, 20112011-01-262 listings
Bulgaria - Helping People To Believe In GodShare Him17Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergJul 28th, 20102010-07-283 listings
Bulgaria - Helping People To Believe In GodShare Him17Audrey & Robert FolkenbergNov 23rd, 20112011-11-233 listings
CommunitiesShare Him63Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergOct 13th, 20102010-10-132 listings
Conversion StoriesShare Him44Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg JrJul 6th, 20112011-07-061 listings
Cuzco, PeruShare Him58Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergSep 1st, 20102010-09-014 listings
Dominican RepublicShare Him22Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg JrDec 28th, 20112011-12-283 listings
El SalvadorShare Him32Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.May 11th, 20112011-05-116 listings
El SalvadorShare Him55Robert Faulkenberg JrSep 21st, 20112011-09-213 listings
EthiopiaShare Him24Audrey Faulkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.Sep 12th, 20102010-09-121 listings
Ethiopia - Ancient Christian NationShare Him11Audrey & Robert FolkenbergOct 12th, 20112011-10-122 listings
GhanaShare Him35Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.Jun 1st, 20112011-06-014 listings
GhanaShare Him34Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.May 25th, 20112011-05-253 listings
Ghana - From Slavery To FreedomShare Him19Audrey Faulkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.Aug 11th, 20102010-08-113 listings
Ghana - From Slavery To FreedomShare Him19Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.Dec 7th, 20112011-12-073 listings
Ghana, A Gospel Gold MineShare Him13Audrey & Robert FolkenbergOct 26th, 20112011-10-262 listings
Guatemala - Prayer Can Make The DifferenceShare Him16Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.Nov 16th, 20112011-11-163 listings
HomelandShare Him45Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg JrJul 13th, 20112011-07-133 listings
Homeland FShare Him48Audrey Faulkenberg, Robert Faulkenberg JrAug 3rd, 20112011-08-033 listings
IndiaShare Him23Audrey Faulkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.Sep 8th, 20102010-09-083 listings
IndiaShare Him29Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.Apr 20th, 20112011-04-203 listings
IndiaShare Him23Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg JrJan 2nd, 20122012-01-022 listings
KenyaShare Him28Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.Apr 11th, 20112011-04-112 listings
Kenya PlusShare Him61Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergOct 27th, 20102010-10-274 listings
Mexico PlusShare Him68Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergJun 15th, 20112011-06-159 listings
PanamaShare Him50Audrey Faulkenberg, Robert Faulkenberg JrAug 17th, 20112011-08-173 listings
Panama - Reconstruction ProjectShare Him12Audrey & Robert FolkenbergOct 19th, 20112011-10-193 listings
Panama CShare Him59Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergSep 15th, 20102010-09-153 listings
Panama EShare Him64Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergOct 20th, 20102010-10-203 listings
Panama Part BShare Him53Audrey Faulkenberg, Robert Faulkenberg JrSep 7th, 20112011-09-073 listings
PlaceholderShare Him0otherJul 26th, 20102010-07-265 listings
PlaceholderShare Him0otherJul 4th, 20112011-07-044 listings
PlaceholderShare Him0otherOct 24th, 20112011-10-245 listings
Results & BaptismsShare Him52Audrey Faulkenberg, Robert Faulkenberg JrAug 31st, 20112011-08-314 listings
RomaniaShare Him20Audrey Faulkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.Aug 18th, 20102010-08-183 listings
RomaniaShare Him20Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.Dec 14th, 20112011-12-143 listings
Romania PlusShare Him62Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergOct 6th, 20102010-10-063 listings
Romania Pt. 4Share Him30Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.Apr 27th, 20112011-04-276 listings
Romania, From The Cruel Prince To The Prince Of LoveShare Him15Audrey & Robert FolkenbergNov 9th, 20112011-11-093 listings
RussiaShare Him51Audrey Faulkenberg, Robert Faulkenberg JrAug 24th, 20112011-08-246 listings
Rwanda - From Massacre To The Gospel MessageShare Him18Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergAug 4th, 20102010-08-043 listings
Rwanda - From Massacre To The Gospel MessageShare Him18Audrey & Robert FolkenbergNov 30th, 20112011-11-303 listings
Rwanda PlusShare Him57Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergAug 25th, 20102010-08-253 listings
Sharehim AdventuresShare Him31Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.May 4th, 20112011-05-046 listings
Sharehim Takes Care Of YouShare Him54Audrey Faulkenberg, Robert Faulkenberg JrSep 14th, 20112011-09-143 listings
Taking Honduras By StormShare Him14Audrey & Robert FolkenbergNov 2nd, 20112011-11-023 listings
TanzaniaShare Him38Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.Feb 2nd, 20112011-02-023 listings
TanzaniaShare Him56Audrey Faulkenberg, Robert Faulkenberg JrFeb 16th, 20112011-02-163 listings
TanzaniaShare Him27Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg JrApr 6th, 20112011-04-063 listings
TanzaniaShare Him56Audrey Faulkenberg, Robert Faulkenberg JrSep 28th, 20112011-09-289 listings
UgandaShare Him33Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.May 18th, 20112011-05-185 listings
Uganda - Past And FutureShare Him21Audrey Faulkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.Aug 23rd, 20102010-08-232 listings
Uganda - Past And FutureShare Him21Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg Jr.Dec 21st, 20112011-12-213 listings
Uganda PlusShare Him60Robert & Audrey FaulkenbergNov 3rd, 20102010-11-036 listings
Zambia & ZimbabweShare Him49Audrey Faulkenberg, Robert Faulkenberg JrAug 10th, 20112011-08-103 listings
ZimbabweShare Him47Audrey Folkenberg, Robert Folkenberg JrJul 27th, 20112011-07-273 listings