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A Child Saved: Antionette Duck's StoryAbortion Controversy, The3Antionette Duck, Steve WohlbergDec 24th, 20172017-12-241 listings
A Voice Crying in the WildernessAbortion Controversy, The7Antionette Duck, Dianne Wagner, Steve WohlbergDec 28th, 20172017-12-281 listings
Abortion Trauma: Dianne Wagner's Story -part 2Abortion Controversy, The2Dianne Wagner, Steve WohlbergDec 21st, 20172017-12-211 listings
Breaking the Silence: Dianne Wagner's Story -part 1Abortion Controversy, The1Diane Wagner, Steve WohlbergDec 20th, 20172017-12-201 listings
Created with SignificanceAbortion Controversy, The4Antionette Duck, Dianne Wagner, Steve WohlbergDec 25th, 20172017-12-251 listings
Healing From Abortion -part 2Abortion Controversy, The12Antionette Duck, Steve WohlbergJun 10th, 20152015-06-101 listings
Not Just a Woman's IssueAbortion Controversy, The8Antionette Duck, Dianne Wagner, Steve WohlbergDec 31st, 20172017-12-311 listings
Where Do We Go From Here?Abortion Controversy, The13Antionette Duck, Dianne Wagner, Steve WohlbergJun 14th, 20152015-06-141 listings