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Off the Grid15otherApr 13th, 20152015-04-132 listings
Off the Grid16otherApr 20th, 20152015-04-203 listings
Off the Grid17otherMar 23rd, 20152015-03-232 listings
Off the Grid25otherNov 9th, 20152015-11-091 listings
Off the Grid26otherNov 16th, 20152015-11-161 listings
Alaska: Mission ConstructionOff the Grid10otherAug 11th, 20142014-08-112 listings
AWA 20th Anniversary- Part 1Off the GridNarrator: Chet DamronDec 31st, 19691969-12-311 listings
AWA 20th Anniversary- Part 1Off the GridOTG000030Narrator: Chet DamronNov 5th, 20182018-11-051 listings
AWA 20th Anniversary- Part 2Off the GridOTG000031Narrator: Chet DamronJan 15th, 20182018-01-151 listings
AWA 20th Anniversary- Part 2Off the GridOTG000031otherNov 12th, 20182018-11-121 listings
Baby Medevacs -NicaraguaOff the Grid41otherDec 5th, 20162016-12-051 listings
Baby Medevacs -NicaraguaOff the GridOTG000041Narrator: Chet DamronJan 21st, 20192019-01-211 listings
Bad Alternator -NicaraguaOff the Grid46Narrator: Chet DamronNov 6th, 20172017-11-061 listings
Bible StudiesOff the GridOTG000033Bill LaBoreNov 26th, 20182018-11-261 listings
Building a Base -NicaraguaOff the GridOTG000038Narrator: Chet DamronDec 31st, 20182018-12-311 listings
Building the Church -NicaraguaOff the GridOTG000040Narrator: Chet DamronJan 14th, 20192019-01-142 listings
Final Delivery of N8838XOff the Grid28otherApr 11th, 20162016-04-111 listings
Final Delivery of N8838XOff the Grid28Narrator: Chet DamronDec 18th, 20172017-12-181 listings
Getting the New Plane to GuyanaOff the Grid27Narrator: Chet DamronDec 11th, 20172017-12-111 listings
Getting the New Plane to GuyanaOff the GridOTG000027Narrator: Chet DamronOct 15th, 20182018-10-151 listings
Homeland -part 1: EvangelismOff the Grid13otherMay 4th, 20152015-05-041 listings
Homeland part 2: PlaneOff the Grid14otherJul 20th, 20152015-07-202 listings
Jungle IndustriesOff the GridOTG000034Narrator: Chet Damron/Bill La BoDec 3rd, 20182018-12-031 listings
Jungle StudentsOff the GridOTG000032Narrator: Chet DamronNov 19th, 20182018-11-191 listings
Logistics and TransportationOff the GridOTG000035Narrator: Bill La BoreDec 10th, 20182018-12-101 listings
Making DisciplesOff the GridOTG000036Narrator: Chet Damron/Bill La BoDec 17th, 20182018-12-171 listings
Medevac Service to GuyanaOff the GridOTG000029Narrator: Chet Damron/Bill LaBorOct 29th, 20182018-10-291 listings
Team WorkOff the GridOTG000018Narration: Chet DamronSep 3rd, 20182018-09-031 listings
Volunteer NeedsOff the GridOTG000037Narrator: Chet DamronDec 24th, 20182018-12-241 listings
Woman Medevacs -NicaraguaOff the GridOTG000039Narrator: Chet DamronJan 7th, 20192019-01-071 listings