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All I Need is YouFree Indeed19Samuel Lee Jackson, C.A. Murray, Lemuel Vega, Jackie WelshApr 27th, 20162016-04-274 listings
Falling in Love with JesusFree Indeed23Ruben Dorsey, Patricia Merilan, C.A. Murray, Erica Soule, Lemuel VegaOct 18th, 20162016-10-1812 listings
God's Mercy Kept MeFree Indeed15Vince Boyd, Rob Hicks, C.A. Murray, Lemuel Vega, Shakiyla WoodardDec 31st, 19690 listings
He Saw the Best in MeFree Indeed16Bryant Clark, Susan Hairston, John Hairston, Robert Hairston, C.A. Murray, Troy Sandifar, Santiago Valdez, Lemuel VegaMar 22nd, 20152015-03-225 listings
Hold on to JesusFree Indeed17Mulissa Sue Fioster, C.A. Murray, April Overbey, Steven Foster Sr., Lemuel VegaDec 15th, 20162016-12-156 listings
HolinessFree Indeed22Dexter Burns, Brittany Morgan, C.A. Murray, Lemuel Vega, Portia WestfallAug 29th, 20172017-08-299 listings
I Give Myself AwayFree Indeed24Brian Eldridge, Thomas Harmon, C.A. Murray, Willie Simon, Lemuel VegaMar 12th, 20172017-03-1212 listings
I'll Do Your WillFree Indeed18Scott Kiley, Desmond Loftis, C.A. Murray, Joshua Stansel, Lemuel VegaDec 15th, 20162016-12-158 listings
Indiana Women's PrisonFree Indeed6Michelle Jones, C.A. Murray, Shelly Quinn, Lemuel Vega, Joetta WallsAug 28th, 20172017-08-2819 listings
Indiana Women's PrisonFree Indeed8Shirwanda Boone, Lara Campbell, Michelle Jones, Christy Mann, C.A. Murray, Shelley Quinn, Lemuel VegaAug 29th, 20172017-08-2921 listings
Indiana Women's PrisonFree Indeed2Lara Campbell, Donna Johnson, C.A. Murray, J.D. & Shelley Quinn, Jessica Utter, Lemuel VegaJul 18th, 20172017-07-1814 listings
Indiana Women's PrisonFree Indeed12Tammy Atwood, Kim, C.A. Murray, Shelley Quinn, Courtney Simpson, Carol Smith, Lemuel Vega, Jim WarthmanDec 8th, 20162016-12-086 listings
Our Lord God is MightyFree Indeed25Sargeant Vivian Malone, Clifford McGee, C.A. Murray, Lemuel VegaNov 22nd, 20162016-11-2212 listings
Plainfield Correctional FacilityFree Indeed4Mitch Barfield, David McEwen, C.A. Murray, J.D. & Shelly Quinn, Lemuel VegaAug 24th, 20172017-08-2411 listings
Plainfield Correctional Facility - IndianaFree Indeed10Steve Bewley, William Bumphus, Brian Collier, C.A. Murray, Shelly Quinn, J.D. Quinn, Steven Todd, Lemuel Vega, Sylvester YarboughDec 7th, 20162016-12-0720 listings
Putnamville Correctional FacilityFree Indeed3C.A. Murray, Tyrone Nelson, Lorenzo Reid, Lemuel VegaAug 23rd, 20172017-08-2310 listings
Putnamville Correctional FacilityFree Indeed13Joe Asher, J'arius Beck, Timothy Englert, Sidney Fox, Rick Hayes, Kenneth Hopkins, C.A. Murray, Lemuel Vega, George WhirleyOct 23rd, 20162016-10-2311 listings
Putnamville Correctional Facility - IndianaFree Indeed7Creig Allen, Dustin Duff, Thomas Meyer, C.A. Murray, Kyle Stockberger, Lemuel Vega, Shawn Weddle, Bernard WinfreyAug 29th, 20172017-08-2919 listings
Putnamville Correctional Facility - IndianaFree Indeed9C.A. Murray, Lemuel Vega, Jonathan Watkins, Bernard WinfreyFeb 7th, 20172017-02-0720 listings
Reception Diagnostic Center - IndianaFree Indeed5Kevin Carey, Calby Gray, Shandra Gray, Tom Hanlon, C.A. Murray, Lemuel VegaAug 24th, 20172017-08-2410 listings
Reception Diagnotic Center - IndianaFree Indeed11Michael Jordan, C.A. Murray, Tyrone Nelson, Anthony Rice, Sheriff Marty Talbert, Lemuel VegaDec 15th, 20162016-12-1517 listings
Season One HighlightsFree Indeed1C.A. MurrayNov 22nd, 20162016-11-228 listings
Take Me to the Water (baptismal service)Free Indeed26C.A. Murray, Timothy Newman, Lemuel VegaJul 18th, 20172017-07-188 listings
When I Think About the LordFree Indeed21Andrew Cole, Courtney Jones, C.A. Murray, Willie Simon, Lemuel VegaAug 27th, 20172017-08-279 listings
Who Am I?Free Indeed20C.A. Murray, Chas Singer, David Singer, Lemuel VegaAug 29th, 20172017-08-2911 listings