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Total Health Solutions1otherOct 5th, 20102010-10-051 listings
Total Health Solutions2otherOct 12th, 20102010-10-121 listings
Total Health Solutions3otherOct 19th, 20102010-10-191 listings
Total Health Solutions4otherOct 26th, 20102010-10-261 listings
Total Health Solutions5otherNov 2nd, 20102010-11-021 listings
Total Health Solutions6otherNov 9th, 20102010-11-091 listings
Total Health Solutions7otherNov 16th, 20102010-11-161 listings
Total Health Solutions8otherNov 23rd, 20102010-11-231 listings
Total Health Solutions9otherNov 30th, 20102010-11-301 listings
0Five Dietary MythsTotal Health SolutionsJohn McDougallNov 20th, 20112011-11-201 listings
A Common Sense ApproachTotal Health SolutionsJohn McDougallMar 29th, 20152015-03-293 listings
Eating In and Out of the HouseTotal Health Solutions5John McDougallNov 22nd, 20112011-11-2242 listings
Eating in and out of the houseTotal Health SolutionsJohn McDougallApr 16th, 20152015-04-168 listings
Eating In and Out of the HouseTotal Health SolutionsJohn McDougalNov 23rd, 20142014-11-233 listings
Effortless Weight LossTotal Health Solutions4John McDougallNov 21st, 20112011-11-2143 listings
Effortless weight lossTotal Health SolutionsJohn McDougallSep 9th, 20142014-09-0932 listings
Five Dietary MythsTotal Health Solutions2John McDougallNov 20th, 20112011-11-2051 listings
Five Dietary MythsTotal Health SolutionsJohn McDougallSep 4th, 20142014-09-0439 listings
Flu and Flu vaccines - Part 1Total Health SolutionsSherri TenpennyJan 27th, 20152015-01-273 listings
Keeping Healthy Blood VesselsTotal Health Solutions6John McDougallNov 23rd, 20112011-11-2352 listings
Keeping healthy blood vesselsTotal Health SolutionsJohn McDougallSep 11th, 20142014-09-1127 listings
Keeping healthy blood vesselsTotal Health SolutionsotherMar 26th, 20132013-03-263 listings
Permanent Effortless Weight LossTotal Health SolutionsJohn McDougallJan 20th, 20152015-01-203 listings
Planning Successful MealsTotal Health SolutionsJohn McDougallApr 19th, 20152015-04-196 listings
Winning the War on CancerTotal Health Solutions7John McDougallNov 24th, 20112011-11-2446 listings
Winning the war on cancerTotal Health SolutionsJohn McDougallFeb 8th, 20152015-02-0835 listings