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Taste of Paradise4Nyse Collins, Brenda Kemp, Evita TezenoJan 28th, 20122012-01-281 listings
Taste of Paradise95Nyse CollinsNov 30th, 20142014-11-303 listings
Taste of Paradise94Nyse CollinsNov 29th, 20142014-11-293 listings
Taste of Paradise96Nyse CollinsDec 1st, 20142014-12-013 listings
Taste of Paradise97Nyse CollinsDec 2nd, 20142014-12-023 listings
Taste of Paradise98Nyse CollinsDec 3rd, 20142014-12-033 listings
Taste of Paradise99Nyse CollinsDec 4th, 20142014-12-043 listings
A Better BreakfastTaste of Paradise34Chef Chew, Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoJan 19th, 20132013-01-196 listings
Apple Pie / Roasted ArtichokeTaste of Paradise9Nyse Collins, Brenda Kemp, Evita TezenoJun 15th, 20152015-06-153 listings
Asian Slaw with Ginger Almond Dressing / Lem-Olay Oh Happy DayTaste of Paradise44Chef Chew, Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoOct 24th, 20162016-10-246 listings
Asian Stir, Not Fry / $5 or less Home RemediesTaste of Paradise53Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoNov 19th, 20152015-11-196 listings
Banana Bread Toast/Corn is Not So CornyTaste of Paradise80Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoSep 19th, 20142014-09-192 listings
Banana Pudding/Gardening 101Taste of Paradise82Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoMay 11th, 20162016-05-113 listings
BBQ / Tasty TreatsTaste of Paradise68Tiffanie Archie, Nyse Collins, Maquel Harris, Evita TezenoJan 18th, 20172017-01-183 listings
Benefits of Plant Based Diet/Lunch on the GoTaste of Paradise91Nyse Collins, Yvonne Lewis, Evita TezenoSep 17th, 20142014-09-173 listings
Better ButterTaste of Paradise15Nyce Collins, Evita TezenoMar 31st, 20122012-03-311 listings
Blueberry Cobbler / Un-sausages & Nut GravyTaste of Paradise5Nyse Collins, Raginee Edwards, Brenda Kemp, Evita TezenoJun 10th, 20152015-06-106 listings
Breakfast Smoothies & Finger-Lickin-Chicken FingersTaste of Paradise66Tiffanie Archie, Nyse Collins, Brian Haynes, Evita TezenoDec 31st, 19690 listings
Broccoli Crunch / Healthy ' Add-ons 'Taste of Paradise10Nyse Collins, Brenda Kemp, Evita TezenoJun 16th, 20152015-06-163 listings
Buckwheat Porridge / Apple Crisp / Potato Curry in a HurryTaste of Paradise23Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoDec 31st, 19690 listings
Cabbage Salad/Juicy SmoothTaste of Paradise79Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoSep 18th, 20142014-09-183 listings
California Pizza / Quick California QuesadillasTaste of Paradise55Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoDec 31st, 19690 listings
Carob Mousse Pudding / Pineapple Icebox Dessert / Good Lookin' Cookin'Taste of Paradise24Nyse Collins, Chanel Green, Evita TezenoJan 19th, 20172017-01-194 listings
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting / Healing Of The NationTaste of Paradise33Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoOct 27th, 20152015-10-273 listings
Cauliflower Popcorn / Hot Coco Tea / Whipped CreamTaste of Paradise40Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoOct 19th, 20162016-10-196 listings
Cauliflower Salad / Whole Wheat Leavened BreadTaste of Paradise54Nyse Collins, Yanira Gonzalez, Evita TezenoNov 21st, 20152015-11-213 listings
Cheddar Cheese Ball / Producing and Canning Grape JuiceTaste of Paradise101Nyse Collins, Donna Marie Lindsay, Evita TezenoDec 31st, 19690 listings
Cherry Vanilla Granola / Almond Milk / Homemade ToothpasteTaste of Paradise41Nyse Collins, Rico Hill, Evita TezenoJul 22nd, 20152015-07-223 listings
Chips & ChimichangasTaste of Paradise30Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoJan 14th, 20132013-01-145 listings
Coconut Eggless Egg Salad / Mock Chicken SaladTaste of Paradise15Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoMar 8th, 20152015-03-083 listings
Coconut Mexican Ceviche, Home Fries; Remedies: Preparation HPTaste of Paradise43Nyse Collins, Rico Hill, Evita TezenoNov 8th, 20152015-11-083 listings
Collard Green Wraps / Cleansing The SystemTaste of Paradise2Nyse Collins, Brenda Kemp, Evita TezenoNov 3rd, 20142014-11-0315 listings
Collard SaladTaste of Paradise63Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoMay 3rd, 20152015-05-033 listings
Cranberry Cookies / Pumkin Ceterpiece / Salt Dough Baked Beet RootTaste of Paradise104Nyse Collins, Kinjii Cuington, Evita TezenoDec 31st, 19690 listings
Cranberry Pecan Torte / Cornbread & Collard GreensTaste of Paradise49Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoNov 15th, 20152015-11-158 listings
Cranberry-Kale-Cabbage Salad / Maple Gazed Tofu TurkeyTaste of Paradise97Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoDec 6th, 20162016-12-066 listings
Creamy Raw Vegan Alfredo Sauce / Lean Green Bean Cuisine, Millet with Tomatoes, Cabbage; Remedies: Cabbage poultice & string bean teaTaste of Paradise50Nyse Collins, Rico Hill, Evita TezenoNov 16th, 20152015-11-163 listings
Cucumbers Stuffed w Mock Tuna/Chicken Fried RiceTaste of Paradise85Nyse Collins, Evita Tezeno, Kyong WeathersbyFeb 8th, 20152015-02-083 listings
Dirty Rice / Grandma's Hearty Holiday LoafTaste of Paradise92Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoDec 15th, 20162016-12-156 listings
Don't Leave Home Without It - Breakfast!Taste of Paradise25Nyse Collins, Yvonne Lewis, Evita TezenoOct 9th, 20122012-10-093 listings
Don't Worry - Healthy CurryTaste of Paradise23Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoOct 7th, 20122012-10-073 listings
Eggplant Bacon / Scrambled T'eggsTaste of Paradise25Nyse Collins, Yvonne Lewis, Evita TezenoAug 9th, 20142014-08-093 listings
Fiesta Zucchini Pasta / Carbohydrates: Balance And BlessingTaste of Paradise3Nyse Collins, Brenda Kemp, Evita TezenoNov 4th, 20142014-11-046 listings
Fresh, Filling, FatTaste of Paradise31Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoJan 15th, 20132013-01-153 listings
Fruit Pizza/Quiche With a NicheTaste of Paradise87Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoAug 29th, 20162016-08-297 listings
Fudge And A FacialTaste of Paradise38Monique Brown, Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoJul 19th, 20152015-07-196 listings
Good For You Fries / Mama Mia! Frutti PizzaTaste of Paradise46Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoNov 11th, 20152015-11-116 listings
Good Lookin' Cookin'Taste of Paradise24Nyse Collins, Chanel Green, Evita TezenoOct 8th, 20122012-10-083 listings
Greek Wraps, Paradise's Powerful PenicillinTaste of Paradise65Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoMay 5th, 20152015-05-056 listings
Healing Of The NationTaste of Paradise33Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoJan 17th, 20132013-01-176 listings
Holiday Fudge / Edible Gifts: Granola, Carob Cupcakes, & Room ScentsTaste of Paradise96Nyse Collins, Yvonne Lewis, Evita TezenoDec 15th, 20162016-12-154 listings
Holiday Pecan Pie / Black Fruit CakeTaste of Paradise100Nyse Collins, Donna Marie Lindsay, Evita TezenoDec 31st, 19690 listings
Lasagna / Macadamia Almond Ricotta CheeseTaste of Paradise31Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoMar 13th, 20162016-03-133 listings
Living Food Recipes / The V.I.P RoomTaste of Paradise1Nyse Collins, Brenda Kemp, Evita TezenoMay 22nd, 20162016-05-2212 listings
Macadamia Feta Cheese/Pizza Veggies/Pizza Crust / Mo' Peas, if you pleaseTaste of Paradise22Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoDec 31st, 19690 listings
Mamma Mia (Walnut) Meatballs & Pita PizzaTaste of Paradise28Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoMar 23rd, 20152015-03-233 listings
Mango Pear Cobbler/Save our SkinTaste of Paradise88Nyse Collins, Yvonne Lewis, Evita TezenoFeb 11th, 20152015-02-116 listings
Margarita PizzaTaste of Paradise58Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoApr 23rd, 20142014-04-233 listings
Marinade Collard Greens / Mashed Potatoes & Chives / Banana Nut Milk / Crispy Golden GranolaTaste of Paradise4Nyse Collins, Brenda Kemp, Evita TezenoNov 5th, 20142014-11-053 listings
Marinated Collard Greens / Macaroni Pie w/ Split Peas & CheeseTaste of Paradise93Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoDec 16th, 20162016-12-162 listings
Mexican Rice Pilaff & Perfect Guacamole / ' Chicken ' RecipesTaste of Paradise8Nyse Collins, Brenda Kemp, Evita TezenoJun 14th, 20152015-06-143 listings
Mo' Peas, If You PleaseTaste of Paradise22Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoOct 6th, 20122012-10-063 listings
Mock Salmon Croquettes/MexItalian LasagnaTaste of Paradise84Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoFeb 7th, 20152015-02-076 listings
Mock Tuna & Mock Tuna Sushi Rolls / Carob Hot DropsTaste of Paradise7Nyse Collins, Raginee Edwards, Brenda Kemp, Evita TezenoJun 13th, 20152015-06-133 listings
No Messin; Just Dressin'Taste of Paradise36Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoJul 16th, 20152015-07-166 listings
No Wheat! No Meat!Taste of Paradise32Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoJan 31st, 20132013-01-313 listings
Ooey Gooey Southern Pecan Bars/Fly Away to JATaste of Paradise86Nyse Collins, Donna-Marie Lindsay, Evita TezenoFeb 9th, 20152015-02-093 listings
Open Faced Tacos / Sunflower "Refried" Beans & Sour CreamTaste of Paradise6Nyse Collins, Raginee Edwards, Brenda Kemp, Evita TezenoJun 11th, 20152015-06-116 listings
Pad Thai / Lemon Cookies / "Wearing Your Food" Lemon DeodorantTaste of Paradise47Nyse Collins, Rico Hill, Evita TezenoNov 12th, 20152015-11-126 listings
Paradise Lemonade / Vegan Egg Nog / Roasted Chickpeas / Puff Pastry Bites / Tofu SkewersTaste of Paradise94Nyse Collins, Kinjii Cuington, Evita TezenoDec 8th, 20162016-12-084 listings
Pecan Pie / Salad ExpressTaste of Paradise11Nyse Collins, Brenda Kemp, Evita TezenoMar 20th, 20122012-03-203 listings
Pineapple Cucumber Gazpacho / Raw Corn ChowderTaste of Paradise56Nyse Collins, Donna Marie Linsay, Evita TezenoDec 31st, 19690 listings
Plenty ProteinTaste of Paradise26Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoOct 10th, 20122012-10-103 listings
Quick & Easy Snacks / Super SeedsTaste of Paradise67Tiffanie Archie, Nyse Collins, Brian Haynes, Evita TezenoJan 17th, 20172017-01-173 listings
Raw Apple Ginger Bars / Food Fortifier!! Molasses Spice CakeTaste of Paradise45Nyse Collins, Rico Hill, Evita TezenoNov 10th, 20152015-11-106 listings
Raw Carmel Apple Pie / WOA ApplesauceTaste of Paradise103Nyse Collins, Donna Marie Lindsay, Evita TezenoDec 31st, 19690 listings
Raw Garlic Bread / "Plenty Protein" Quinoa SaladTaste of Paradise26Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoMar 21st, 20152015-03-216 listings
Raw Lazangna Noodles / Pistachio Basil Pesto / Cashew Almond Ricotta Nut Cheese / Tomato Marinara Sauce / Mocktails: Pina Colada & Mango FizzTaste of Paradise98Jason Bradley, Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoDec 7th, 20162016-12-073 listings
Raw Lemon Pie And Tasty T'ickin Stir FryTaste of Paradise39Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoOct 18th, 20162016-10-186 listings
Raw Oatmeal and Cherry CookiesTaste of Paradise59Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoApr 24th, 20142014-04-243 listings
Raw Southern Praline / 10 Super Foods for Stress ReliefTaste of Paradise57Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoApr 22nd, 20142014-04-223 listings
Red Chili LinguineTaste of Paradise60Nyse Collins, Yanira Gonzalez, Evita TezenoApr 29th, 20152015-04-296 listings
Salad Dressings: Caesar, Ranch, Avocado Dill / Peach CrispTaste of Paradise12Nyse Collins, Brenda Kemp, Evita TezenoJun 3rd, 20162016-06-032 listings
Sensational Seasoning / Kale Slaw with Barbecue CrumblesTaste of Paradise27Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoMar 22nd, 20152015-03-226 listings
Sesational SeasoningTaste of Paradise27Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoJan 10th, 20132013-01-103 listings
Shish Kabobs / Cake PopsTaste of Paradise72Carlito Jr. Oladony (CJ), Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoJan 23rd, 20172017-01-236 listings
Smoothies And Juicing / Are You On Time?Taste of Paradise13Nyse Collins, Brenda Kemp, Leslie Jackson Smith, Evita TezenoMar 22nd, 20122012-03-223 listings
Soup or Salad / Protein Power-Packed SpecialTaste of Paradise70Tiffanie Archie, Nyse Collins, Zedy Harris, Evita TezenoJan 21st, 20172017-01-216 listings
Spicy BBQ Cauliflower Salad/Unleavened BreadTaste of Paradise89Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoFeb 12th, 20152015-02-129 listings
Spicy Spring Rolls / Vegan DoughnutsTaste of Paradise71Nyse Collins, Yanita Gonzales, Evita TezenoJan 22nd, 20172017-01-226 listings
Spruce Up Your Salad!! Southwest Brine for Southwest Chicken Salad / Lemon Olive DressingTaste of Paradise52Chef Chew, Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoNov 18th, 20152015-11-186 listings
Strawberry Ganache Fudge Cake / Blessed Banana BreadTaste of Paradise102Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoDec 31st, 19690 listings
Stuffed Peppers / Spring It Up! Pineapple Topping, Spring Rolls & Sweet N Sour SauceTaste of Paradise51Chef Chew, Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoNov 17th, 20152015-11-173 listings
Stuffed Tomatoes with Dill Dressing / Sauce It UpTaste of Paradise42Chef Chew, Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoNov 7th, 20152015-11-071 listings
Sweet Potato Pecan Cheesecake / Jammin Jams: Grape, Peach & StrawberryTaste of Paradise95Nyse Collins, Donna Marie Lindsay, Evita TezenoDec 4th, 20162016-12-043 listings
Sweet Strawberry PieTaste of Paradise61Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoAug 14th, 20152015-08-148 listings
Sweet Tooth For Sweet EyesTaste of Paradise16Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoJun 30th, 20122012-06-301 listings
Tabouleh Cauliflower / Wheat-free Blueberry PancakesTaste of Paradise69Nyse Collins, Yanita Gonzales, Evita TezenoJan 19th, 20172017-01-193 listings
Taco SaladTaste of Paradise62Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoMay 2nd, 20152015-05-026 listings
Tangled Thai Salad - Bean Salad MedleyTaste of Paradise64Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoMay 4th, 20152015-05-046 listings
Vegan Mock Crab Cakes & Creamy Dill Sauce / Mr. Potato Say; Cheese!!! Potato Cheese, Mango SalsaTaste of Paradise48Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoNov 13th, 20152015-11-135 listings
Wrap It Up! Thai Lettuce Wraps / Peach & Blueberry WrapTaste of Paradise37Chef Chew, Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoJul 18th, 20152015-07-183 listings
Yam Sun Burgers/Hot or ColdTaste of Paradise90Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoSep 16th, 20142014-09-163 listings
You Can Mend Your CondimentsTaste of Paradise17Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoDec 15th, 20122012-12-1510 listings
Zucchini Rolls / Mock Chicken Salad / Spinach & Basil Pesto Spread / Pumpkin PieTaste of Paradise99Nyse Collins, Evita TezenoDec 8th, 20162016-12-083 listings