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A Sharper Focus2John LomacangFeb 1st, 20122012-02-011 listings
A Sharper Focus3John LomacangFeb 8th, 20122012-02-081 listings
A Sharper Focus4John LomacangFeb 15th, 20122012-02-151 listings
A Sharper Focus5John LomacangFeb 22nd, 20122012-02-221 listings
A Sharper Focus6John LomacangFeb 29th, 20122012-02-291 listings
A Sharper Focus7John LomacangMar 7th, 20122012-03-071 listings
A Sharper Focus9John LomacangMar 28th, 20122012-03-282 listings
A Sharper Focus10John LomacangApr 4th, 20122012-04-041 listings
A Sharper Focus11John LomacangApr 11th, 20122012-04-111 listings
A Sharper Focus12John LomacangApr 25th, 20122012-04-251 listings
A Sharper Focus13John LomacangMay 2nd, 20122012-05-021 listings
A Sharper Focus14John LomacangMay 9th, 20122012-05-091 listings
A Sharper Focus15John LomacangMay 16th, 20122012-05-161 listings
A Sharper Focus16John LomacangMay 23rd, 20122012-05-231 listings
A Sharper Focus17John LomacangJun 6th, 20122012-06-061 listings
A Sharper Focus18John LomacangJun 13th, 20122012-06-131 listings
A Sharper Focus19John LomacangJun 20th, 20122012-06-201 listings
A Sharper Focus20John LomacangJun 27th, 20122012-06-271 listings
A Sharper Focus21John LomacangJul 18th, 20122012-07-182 listings
A Sharper Focus22John LomacangJul 25th, 20122012-07-251 listings
A Sharper Focus23John LomacangAug 24th, 20122012-08-245 listings
A Sharper Focus24John LomacangAug 31st, 20122012-08-314 listings
A Sharper Focus25John LomacangSep 14th, 20122012-09-142 listings
A Sharper Focus26John LomacangSep 21st, 20122012-09-212 listings
A Sharper Focus27John LomacangSep 28th, 20122012-09-282 listings
A Sharper Focus28John LomacangOct 7th, 20122012-10-073 listings
A Sharper Focus29John LomacangOct 10th, 20122012-10-102 listings
A Sharper Focus30John LomacangOct 26th, 20122012-10-262 listings
A Sharper Focus31John LomacangNov 2nd, 20122012-11-022 listings
A Sharper Focus32John LomacangNov 16th, 20122012-11-162 listings
A Sharper Focus33John LomacangNov 23rd, 20122012-11-232 listings
A Sharper Focus34John LomacangNov 30th, 20122012-11-302 listings
A Sharper Focus35John LomacangDec 7th, 20122012-12-072 listings
A Sharper Focus36John LomacangDec 14th, 20122012-12-142 listings
A Sharper Focus37John LomacangDec 28th, 20122012-12-284 listings
A Sharper Focus38John LomacangJan 4th, 20132013-01-042 listings
A Sharper Focus39John LomacangJan 11th, 20132013-01-112 listings
A Sharper Focus40John LomacangJan 25th, 20132013-01-252 listings
A Sharper Focus41John LomacangFeb 1st, 20132013-02-012 listings
A Sharper Focus42John LomacangFeb 6th, 20132013-02-061 listings
A Sharper FocusotherDec 31st, 19691969-12-312 listings
A Sharper FocusASHF000170John DinzeyJan 7th, 20182018-01-071 listings
A Sharper FocusASHF000173otherJan 14th, 20182018-01-144 listings
A Sharper FocusASHF000173Pastor John DinzeyJan 19th, 20182018-01-193 listings
A Sharper FocusASHF000174otherJan 26th, 20182018-01-263 listings
A Sharper FocusASHF000175otherFeb 2nd, 20182018-02-023 listings
A Sharper FocusASHF000176otherFeb 7th, 20182018-02-072 listings
A Sharper FocusASHF000126John LomacangMar 2nd, 20182018-03-022 listings
"Our Greatest Need" Part 5A Sharper FocusASHF000176otherMar 23rd, 20182018-03-233 listings
"Our Greatest Need" Part 7A Sharper FocusASHF000177otherApr 8th, 20182018-04-082 listings
Dealing with Anger -part 2A Sharper FocusASHF000155John LomacangSep 19th, 20182018-09-192 listings
ForgivenessA Sharper FocusASHF000140Jill MorikoneJun 6th, 20182018-06-061 listings
Fruit of the Spirit -part 1A Sharper FocusASHF000156Jill MorikoneSep 26th, 20182018-09-262 listings
iChoose be God's AmbassadorA Sharper FocusASHF000154Jill MorikoneSep 12th, 20182018-09-122 listings
Pruned in MercyA Sharper FocusASHF000142Jill MorikoneJun 20th, 20182018-06-202 listings
Satan's Deception's ExposedA Sharper FocusASHF000160John DinzeyOct 24th, 20182018-10-242 listings
State of the Dead -part 2A Sharper FocusASHF000135John DinzeyMay 2nd, 20182018-05-022 listings
State of the Dead -part 3A Sharper FocusASHF000136John DinzeyMay 9th, 20182018-05-092 listings
The Anatomy of Righteousness -part 1A Sharper FocusASHF000157John LomacangOct 3rd, 20182018-10-032 listings
The Anatomy of Righteousness -part 2A Sharper FocusASHF000158John LomacangOct 10th, 20182018-10-102 listings
The Anatomy of Righteousness -part 3A Sharper FocusASHF000159John LomacangOct 21st, 20182018-10-213 listings
The Prayer Of SurrenderA Sharper Focus20Shelley QuinnJul 4th, 20122012-07-041 listings
The Truth About Jesus - part 6 of 6 / Dealing with Anger -part 1A Sharper FocusASHF000153John LomacangSep 5th, 20182018-09-052 listings
The Truth About Jesus -part 1A Sharper FocusASHF000148John LomacangAug 1st, 20182018-08-011 listings
The Truth About Jesus -part 2A Sharper FocusASHF000149John LomacangAug 8th, 20182018-08-082 listings
The Truth About Jesus -part 3A Sharper FocusASHF000150John LomacangAug 15th, 20182018-08-152 listings
The Truth About Jesus -part 4A Sharper FocusASHF000151John LomacangAug 22nd, 20182018-08-222 listings
The Truth About Jesus -part 5A Sharper FocusASHF000152John LomacangAug 29th, 20182018-08-292 listings
The Truth About the Christian Obligation -part 1A Sharper FocusASHF000145John LomacangJul 11th, 20182018-07-112 listings
The Truth About the Christian Obligation -part 2A Sharper FocusASHF000146John LomacangJul 18th, 20182018-07-182 listings
The Truth About the Christian Obligation -part 3A Sharper FocusASHF000147John LomacangJul 25th, 20182018-07-252 listings
The Truth about the First DayA Sharper FocusASHF000120John LomacangFeb 9th, 20182018-02-091 listings
The Truth about the First DayA Sharper FocusASHF000121John LomacangFeb 16th, 20182018-02-163 listings
The Truth About The First DayA Sharper FocusASHF000127John LomacangMar 9th, 20182018-03-092 listings
The Truth about the First Day, Part 3A Sharper FocusASHF000122John LomacangFeb 23rd, 20182018-02-233 listings
The Truth About The Holy Spirit -part 1A Sharper FocusASHF000138Pr John LomacangMay 23rd, 20182018-05-232 listings
The Truth About The Holy Spirit -part 2A Sharper FocusASHF000139John LomacangMay 30th, 20182018-05-302 listings
The Truth About The Holy Spirit -part 3A Sharper FocusASHF000141John LomacangJun 13th, 20182018-06-132 listings
The Truth About The Holy Spirit -part 4A Sharper FocusASHF000143John LomacangJun 27th, 20182018-06-272 listings
Truth About the Change of the Sabbath Pt 1A Sharper FocusASHF000128John LomacangMar 16th, 20182018-03-163 listings
Truth About the Change of the Sabbath Pt 2A Sharper FocusASHF000130John LomacangMar 30th, 20182018-03-303 listings
Truth About the Change of the Sabbath Pt 3A Sharper FocusASHF000131John LomacangApr 13th, 20182018-04-135 listings
Truth About the Change of the Sabbath Pt 4A Sharper FocusASHF000133Pastor John LomacangApr 20th, 20182018-04-203 listings
Truth About the Change of the Sabbath Pt 5A Sharper FocusASHF000134John LomacangApr 27th, 20182018-04-273 listings
Truth About the Change of the Sabbath Pt 6A Sharper FocusASHF000137John LomacangMay 16th, 20182018-05-162 listings
Watered by the SpiritA Sharper FocusASHF000144Jill MorikoneJul 4th, 20182018-07-042 listings