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TitleSeries#SpeakersLast ShownListings
Voice of Prophecy Speaks2Lonnie MelashenkoDec 20th, 20112011-12-204 listings
An Investment You Can't LoseVoice of Prophecy Speaks26Lonnie MelashenkoNov 6th, 20172017-11-0624 listings
Armageddon: Cosmic Battle Of The AgesVoice of Prophecy Speaks1Lonnie MelashenkoNov 7th, 20172017-11-0719 listings
Born To Live ForeverVoice of Prophecy Speaks4Lonnie MelashenkoNov 10th, 20172017-11-1023 listings
Born To Live ForeverVoice of Prophecy Speaks5Lonnie MelashenkoNov 11th, 20172017-11-1122 listings
By Chance Or Design?Voice of Prophecy Speaks7Lonnie MelashenkoSep 22nd, 20172017-09-2227 listings
Created For Something BetterVoice of Prophecy Speaks8Lonnie MelashenkoMar 25th, 20162016-03-2525 listings
Evil In ChainsVoice of Prophecy Speaks20Lonnie MelashenkoMar 11th, 20172017-03-1122 listings
Facing The Judgment With ConfidenceVoice of Prophecy Speaks6Lonnie MelashenkoOct 18th, 20162016-10-1823 listings
Forever MarkedVoice of Prophecy Speaks23Lonnie MelashenkoMar 14th, 20162016-03-1426 listings
Making A New StartVoice of Prophecy Speaks12Lonnie MelashenkoSep 1st, 20172017-09-0130 listings
Messages From Beyond The StarsVoice of Prophecy Speaks25Lonnie MelashenkoNov 5th, 20172017-11-0527 listings
Millions Fooled By A FakeVoice of Prophecy Speaks10Lonnie MelashenkoAug 4th, 20172017-08-0427 listings
Nebuchadnezzar's DreamVoice of Prophecy Speaks2Lonnie MelashenkoNov 8th, 20172017-11-0820 listings
Out Of The Scrap HeapVoice of Prophecy Speaks11Lonnie MelashenkoOct 23rd, 20162016-10-2325 listings
Party For ProdigalsVoice of Prophecy Speaks16Lonnie MelashenkoMar 7th, 20162016-03-0724 listings
Surviving The Coming TribulationVoice of Prophecy Speaks24Lonnie MelashenkoMar 15th, 20162016-03-1521 listings
The Best Is Yet To ComeVoice of Prophecy Speaks22Lonnie MelashenkoAug 16th, 20172017-08-1623 listings
The Elijah MessageVoice of Prophecy Speaks15Lonnie MelashenkoSep 30th, 20172017-09-3029 listings
The Great EscapeVoice of Prophecy Speaks13Lonnie MelashenkoSep 2nd, 20172017-09-0228 listings
The Great PretenderVoice of Prophecy Speaks18Lonnie MelashenkoMar 9th, 20162016-03-0926 listings
The Unpardonable SinVoice of Prophecy Speaks19Lonnie MelashenkoMar 10th, 20162016-03-1027 listings
The Woman Of RevelationVoice of Prophecy Speaks17Lonnie MelashenkoJun 21st, 20162016-06-2125 listings
Turn Back The ClockVoice of Prophecy Speaks21Lonnie MelashenkoMar 12th, 20172017-03-1225 listings
What Ever Happened To Right And Wrong?Voice of Prophecy Speaks9Lonnie MelashenkoJun 13th, 20162016-06-1328 listings
What Happens When You Die?Voice of Prophecy Speaks14Lonnie MelashenkoFeb 7th, 20172017-02-0727 listings
Why So Much Suffering?Voice of Prophecy Speaks3Lonnie MelashenkoNov 9th, 20172017-11-0924 listings