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viewAvoid Life's Difficulties or Face ThemThrough Different Eyes17Dan GabbertOct 4th, 20142014-10-049 listings
Being ready for Christ's returnThrough Different EyesDan GabbertMay 17th, 20142014-05-173 listings
Being ready for Christ's returnThrough Different EyesDan GabbertJan 20th, 20192019-01-2042 listings
viewBeliefs that Trap PeopleThrough Different Eyes12Dan GabbertJun 14th, 20112011-06-146 listings
viewBeyond ForgivenessThrough Different Eyes27Dan GabbertDec 4th, 20192019-12-0460 listings
Commitment to the call of GodThrough Different EyesotherSep 26th, 20122012-09-263 listings
Commitment to the call of GodThrough Different EyesDan GabbertJan 19th, 20192019-01-1942 listings
viewDepression - Personal ValueThrough Different Eyes8Dan GabbertDec 1st, 20192019-12-0182 listings
viewEverybody Should Treat Us RightThrough Different Eyes13Dan GabbertMay 17th, 20122012-05-176 listings
viewFaithThrough Different Eyes23Dan GabbertJun 30th, 20112011-06-303 listings
viewFearThrough Different Eyes21Dan GabbertDec 3rd, 20192019-12-0373 listings
FearThrough Different EyesotherApr 25th, 20122012-04-253 listings
Find Freedom from Unhealthy ControlThrough Different Eyes23Dan GabbertMay 30th, 20192019-05-30142 listings
viewForgivenessThrough Different Eyes26Dan GabbertFeb 14th, 20192019-02-1477 listings
Fully Surrendered, Totally CommittedThrough Different EyesVictor GillMay 16th, 20142014-05-163 listings
God's simple way of healing the broken heartThrough Different EyesDan GabbertFeb 23rd, 20192019-02-233 listings
God's acceptance of manThrough Different EyesDan GabbertMay 19th, 20192019-05-1963 listings
God's love casts out fearThrough Different EyesDan GabbertJan 10th, 20192019-01-1063 listings
viewGod's Simple Way of Healing the Broken HeartThrough Different Eyes1Dan GabbertNov 29th, 20182018-11-2951 listings
God's simple way of healing the broken heartThrough Different EyesotherMar 26th, 20132013-03-263 listings
Growth spots in our relationshipsThrough Different EyesDan GabbertJan 15th, 20192019-01-159 listings
viewHandling Life SituationsThrough Different Eyes11Dan GabbertJun 23rd, 20112011-06-236 listings
viewHaving the Mind of ChristThrough Different Eyes10Dan GabbertOct 13th, 20122012-10-136 listings
viewHealing a Broken HeartThrough Different Eyes7Dan GabbertDec 31st, 20182018-12-3184 listings
Hold fast that which you haveThrough Different EyesDan GabbertJan 21st, 20192019-01-219 listings
How does Jesus define perfection?Through Different EyesDan GabbertJan 12th, 20192019-01-1260 listings
How to deal with frustration and irritabilityThrough Different EyesDan GabbertOct 2nd, 20172017-10-0230 listings
How To Think About Science In the Age of Evolution - Part 2Through Different EyesThomas BentleyJan 17th, 20192019-01-173 listings
viewImproving Your LifeThrough Different Eyes4Dan GabbertDec 28th, 20182018-12-2895 listings
Improving your life (mentally, spiritually and physically)Through Different EyesDan GabbertMay 26th, 20132013-05-261 listings
Improving your life (mentally, spiritually and physically)Through Different EyesDan GabbertMay 26th, 20132013-05-261 listings
Introduction to fearThrough Different EyesDan GabbertJan 5th, 20192019-01-059 listings
Jesus wants to restore usThrough Different EyesDan GabbertMar 30th, 20192019-03-3069 listings
viewMind Management TipsThrough Different Eyes6Dan GabbertDec 30th, 20182018-12-3057 listings
Mind Management TipsThrough Different EyesotherMar 26th, 20132013-03-266 listings
viewMy Perception Is Responsible for How I FeelThrough Different Eyes15Dan GabbertJun 24th, 20112011-06-246 listings
Replacing the old by the newThrough Different EyesDan GabbertDec 24th, 20132013-12-243 listings
viewReplacing the Old with the BewThrough Different Eyes19Dan GabbertJun 24th, 20112011-06-243 listings
viewRetrain the BrainThrough Different Eyes5Dan GabbertDec 29th, 20182018-12-2951 listings
Softly & Tenderly longThrough Different EyesDan GabbertAug 4th, 20182018-08-046 listings
The blessed hopeThrough Different EyesDan GabbertJan 18th, 20192019-01-1848 listings
The call of discipleshipThrough Different EyesDan GabbertJul 16th, 20182018-07-1639 listings
The fear of failureThrough Different EyesDan GabbertJan 18th, 20142014-01-183 listings
The fear of rejectionThrough Different EyesDan GabbertDec 4th, 20132013-12-046 listings
The fear of suffering and deathThrough Different EyesDan GabbertMar 26th, 20192019-03-2666 listings
The Gift of Choice - Part 1Through Different EyesDan GabbertDec 25th, 20182018-12-2555 listings
The Gift of Choice - Part 2Through Different EyesDan GabbertDec 26th, 20182018-12-2651 listings
viewThe Gift of Choice part 1Through Different Eyes2Dan GabbertFeb 10th, 20182018-02-1012 listings
viewThe Gift of Choice part 2Through Different Eyes3Dan GabbertFeb 10th, 20182018-02-1012 listings
viewThe Power of ChoiceThrough Different Eyes22Dan GabbertAug 11th, 20152015-08-1140 listings
The world rejects you, jesus embraces youThrough Different EyesDan GabbertJan 13th, 20192019-01-1348 listings
Things aren't always what they seemThrough Different EyesDan GabbertMar 24th, 20192019-03-2463 listings
viewThoughts Become BeliefsThrough Different Eyes18Dan GabbertSep 1st, 20112011-09-016 listings
True vs False GuiltThrough Different Eyes24Dan GabbertMay 22nd, 20192019-05-2290 listings
Watch & PrayThrough Different EyesDan GabbertNov 30th, -00010000-00-0015 listings
viewWhen Things Do Not Turn Out My WayThrough Different Eyes14Dan GabbertJun 15th, 20112011-06-153 listings
viewWhy Are We Here?Through Different Eyes9Dan GabbertDec 2nd, 20192019-12-0269 listings
viewWhy does God allow problems?Through Different Eyes20Dan GabbertAug 10th, 20152015-08-1066 listings
viewWorries (My Attempt To Control the Future)Through Different Eyes16Dan GabbertOct 4th, 20142014-10-049 listings