Seventh-day Adventist Satellite

Series Shown on Smart Lifestyle TV

Shows from these series have been played at least one on Smart Lifestyle TV.

TitleShowsSpeakersLast Shown
12 Weeks to Wellness1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
A New Day1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
Body Building1otherMar 11th, 20132013-03-11listings
Chat N' Chew1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
Classic Americana1otherMar 12th, 20132013-03-12listings
Classic Comedy1otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
Colorful Cooking1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listingsdetails
Concept1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listingsdetails
Concept 11otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
Concept 21otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Concept 31otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Concept 41otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Concept 51otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
Designs for Health3otherMar 12th, 20132013-03-12listings
Designs for Health 11otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
Designs for Health 21otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Designs for Health 31otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Designs for Health 41otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Designs for Health 51otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
dLife1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
Drugs Close to Home56Cliff & Freddie Harris, Tracy Wise, Cliff & Feddie HarrisJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
Drugs Close to Home 11otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
Drugs Close to Home 21otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Drugs Close to Home 31otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Drugs Close to Home 41otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Drugs Close to Home 51otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
For Better or Worse3otherAug 3rd, 20112011-08-03listings
Healing Hope15otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
Health Tips1otherMar 12th, 20132013-03-12listings
Healthy, Wealthy & Wise 11otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
Healthy, Wealthy & Wise 21otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Healthy, Wealthy & Wise 31otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Healthy, Wealthy & Wise 41otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Healthy, Wealthy & Wise 51otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise5otherMar 12th, 20132013-03-12listings
Heart of Health15James Marcum, other, Dr. Cheryl HaagJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
Help! I'm A Parent1134otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
High on Adventure2otherMar 11th, 20132013-03-11listings
Hot Health1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
Intersections1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
Intersections 11otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
Intersections 21otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Intersections 31otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Intersections 41otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Intersections 51otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
Journey of Hope1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
Journey of Hope 11otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
Journey of Hope 21otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Journey of Hope 31otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Journey of Hope 41otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
Journey of Hope 51otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
Kitchen Conversations1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listingsdetails
Life Unplugged3otherMar 11th, 20132013-03-11listings
Lifehouse Theater1otherMar 10th, 20132013-03-10listingsdetails
Lifehouse Theater 11otherDec 4th, 20112011-12-04listings
Lifehouse Theater 21otherDec 4th, 20112011-12-04listings
Lifehouse Theater 31otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
Lifehouse Theater 41otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
LifeStart1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
Lifestyle & Prev Care1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
Lifestyle and Preventive Care2otherMar 12th, 20132013-03-12listings
Lifestyle Magazine3272other, Feature PresentationJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
Lifestyle USA1otherMar 12th, 20132013-03-12listings
McDougall MD1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
Mission Matters1otherMar 11th, 20132013-03-11listings
Movie1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
News from NASA1otherMar 11th, 20132013-03-11listings
Patient Safety News1otherMar 12th, 20132013-03-12listings
Peace in the Storm3otherMar 12th, 20132013-03-12listings
Peace on the Storm1otherMar 8th, 20132013-03-08listings
Piano Logic1otherMar 11th, 20132013-03-11listings
Practical Living1otherMar 12th, 20132013-03-12listings
Rise Up1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
Straight Talk1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
The Whole Message1otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
This Life3otherJun 9th, 20202020-06-09listings
This Life 11otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
This Life 21otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
This Life 31otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
This Life 41otherDec 6th, 20112011-12-06listings
This Life 51otherDec 5th, 20112011-12-05listings
Tips for Your Kitchen1otherMar 12th, 20132013-03-12listings
Visibly Fit1otherMar 11th, 20132013-03-11listings
What Makes Marriage Work1otherMar 12th, 20132013-03-12listings
Your Landscaping1otherMar 12th, 20132013-03-12listings