Seventh-day Adventist Satellite

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Shows from these series have been played at least one on Proclaim!.

TitleShowsSpeakersLast Shown
24 Elders, The6Stephen BohrDec 14th, 20172017-12-14listings
3ABN 30th Anniversary Special1otherNov 27th, 20142014-11-27listings
3ABN Homecoming24otherFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
3ABN Homecoming 20148Doug Batchelor, Jim Gilley, C.A. MurrayDec 21st, 20172017-12-21listings
3ABN Homecoming 201510John Carter, Danny Shelton, C.A. MurrayDec 30th, 20172017-12-30listings
3ABN Homecoming 20166Ivor Myers, Kenny Shelton, C.A. MurrayDec 17th, 20172017-12-17listings
3ABN On the Road340Louis Torres, David Asscherick, Mark FinleyFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
A. S. I. Conventions, 201110other, Lyndi Schwartz, Doug BatchelorFeb 4th, 20132013-02-04listings
Abortion Controversy, The8Steve Wohlberg, Antionette Duck, Dianne WagnerDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listings
Adventist Youth Conference12Dwight Nelson, Peter Gregory, otherSep 24th, 20112011-09-24listings
Adventist Youth Conference 201010Dwight Nelson, Peter Gregory, William MoalaFeb 12th, 20152015-02-12listings
Amazing Adventures46Doug Batchelor, Pastor Doug Batchelor, Pastor Doug BatchelorFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Amazing Facts: Central Study Hour288other, Doug Batchelor, Mike ThompsonFeb 24th, 20182018-02-24listingsdetails
Amazing Prophecies62Mark Fox, Pr. Mark Fox, otherFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Amiguitos de Jesús66otherFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Anchor School of Theology: Prophetic Principles43Stephen Bohr, otherFeb 27th, 20182018-02-27listings
Anchors of Truth263John Lomacang, James Rafferty, Ty GibsonFeb 24th, 20182018-02-24listings
Appearing, The2Shawn BoonstraFeb 16th, 20142014-02-16listings
ASI Conventions, 20117other, Doug Batchelor, Matt ParraFeb 16th, 20142014-02-16listings
Behold the Lamb Presents184Kenny Shelton, Chris Shelton, otherFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Bible or Tradition8Stephen BohrNov 8th, 20172017-11-08listings
Breath of Life500Carlton P. Byrd, Walter Pearson, otherFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Breath of Life "Walter Pearson"109other, Walter PearsonFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Breath of Life: Part A2Walter PearsonSep 24th, 20112011-09-24listings
Breath of Life: Part B2Walter PearsonSep 24th, 20112011-09-24listings
Catching Up To Jesus11Stephen BohrJun 30th, 20142014-06-30listings
Christ, Calvary, and the Sanctuary20other, John Bradshaw, Ivor MyersDec 14th, 20172017-12-14listings
Cocina Con Color41Patricia Gonzalez, Jorge Jaque, Priscilla Gonzalez y Patricia GoFeb 27th, 20182018-02-27listings
Coming Out24Steve Wohlberg, Mike Carducci, Wayne BlakelyFeb 22nd, 20182018-02-22listings
Cracking the Genesis Code159other, Pastor Stephen Bohr, Stephen BohrAug 16th, 20172017-08-16listings
Discover41David Asscherick, other, Mark FinleyFeb 24th, 20182018-02-24listings
Discover Prophecy52Pr. David Klinedinst, Dr. David Klinedinst, otherFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Eleventh Hour Evidence50David Asscherick, otherFeb 27th, 20182018-02-27listings
Estrellitas de Jesús79Colette Rosado, Eunice Vila, Raúl VilaFeb 27th, 20182018-02-27listings
Exalting His Word59Shelley Quinn, otherFeb 27th, 20182018-02-27listings
Faith Chapel259Floyd Bresee, David Shin, Nathan RennerMay 20th, 20172017-05-20listings
Focus on God's Word35Geoff Youlden, Charissa Fong, Danny MilenkovFeb 25th, 20182018-02-25listings
Free Indeed67Lemuel Vega, C.A. Murray, Michelle JonesFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Generation of Youth for Christ27other, Eric Walsh, Thando MalamboSep 24th, 20112011-09-24listings
Generation of Youth for Christ 200913Sebastien Braxton, David Asscherick, Deniza HushOct 31st, 20112011-10-31listings
Generation of Youth for Christ 201014Thando Malambo, Eric Walsh, Justin McNeilusJun 30th, 20122012-06-30listings
Generation of Youth for Christ 201122other, Kameron DeVasher, Charissa FongSep 30th, 20132013-09-30listings
Generation of Youth for Christ 201212Wes Peppers, David Shin, Justin McNeilusOct 27th, 20152015-10-27listings
Give Me the Bible185Kenneth Cox, Host: C.A. Murray, Host: Mollie SteensonFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
God's Prophetic Chain12other, Pastor Stephen BohrNov 26th, 20172017-11-26listings
Grace Pipeline, The22Shelley Quinn, Shelley Quinn, Shelley QuinnDec 30th, 20172017-12-30listings
Grandma's House79Joyce Neal, Joyce Neal, Joyce NealFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Great Apostasies of the Bible24Stephen BohrDec 3rd, 20142014-12-03listings
Heaven's Point of View67Hal Steenson, Tom Shepherd, Frank FournierFeb 27th, 20182018-02-27listings
His Harvest is Ready46C.A. Murray, otherFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
His Voice Today12Steve WohlbergNov 30th, 20172017-11-30listings
His Way is in the Sanctuary64Stephen BohrFeb 22nd, 20182018-02-22listings
IIW Mini-series1Shawn BoonstraSep 24th, 20112011-09-24listings
In Search of the Truth30Charles ByrdSep 30th, 20132013-09-30listings
In The Footsteps of Paul94Tony Moore, other, Tony MooreFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
It Is Written3862other, John Bradshaw, Shawn BoonstraFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listingsdetails
It Is Written Reformation 500 Series5John BradshawNov 23rd, 20172017-11-23listings
It Is Written: Ministeries27Shawn Boonstra, Dan HoughtonNov 30th, 20122012-11-30listings
Kids' Time121Brenda Walsh, C.A. Murray, Adriana WhalenDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listings
Kids' Time Praise81Brenda Walsh, Michlen Lai Pang, Joshua LanceJan 16th, 20182018-01-16listings
Kids' Time Praise Holiday Special6Brenda Walsh, Brenda Walsh, Brenda WalshDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listings
Landmarks of Prophecy28Doug BatchelorFeb 22nd, 20182018-02-22listings
Law of Life and Death3Stephen BohrJun 15th, 20152015-06-15listings
Life Discovery Series88Jim Reinking, otherFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
London 201628John Lomacang, Pr. Richard DalyFeb 24th, 20182018-02-24listings
Mary the Mother of Jesus4Stephen BohrJul 2nd, 20152015-07-02listings
Moody Bible Institute5otherFeb 25th, 20182018-02-25listings
Move by His Power13John Lomacang, Taj Pacleb, André C. WallerSep 1st, 20172017-09-01listings
Multitude of Counselors86David Guerrero, Paul Coneff, Jennifer Jill SchwirzerFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Nature's Lesson Book41Gregory Evans, Greg EvansJan 28th, 20122012-01-28listings
New Perceptions3421other, Dwight Nelson, Dwight K NelsonFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Out of Thin Air6Shawn Boonstra, Dan HoughtonFeb 8th, 20132013-02-08listings
Pillars of Our Faith2otherFeb 28th, 20112011-02-28listings
Plant a Seed33Steve & Judy Evenson, other, Steve & Judy EvensonFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Remodeling Your Life275other, Jim Ayer, Jim AyerFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Revelation Insights47Lyle AlbrechtDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listings
Revelation Insights!24Lyle Albrecht, otherFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Revelation Now23Jac ColonMar 31st, 20122012-03-31listingsdetails
Revelation Now (new)50Jac Colon, Jac Colón, Jac ColonFeb 27th, 20182018-02-27listings
Revelation of Hope (Pacleb)33Pr. Taj Pacleb, Taj Pacleb, otherFeb 26th, 20182018-02-26listings
Revelation of Jesus Christ119Kenneth Cox, other, Pr. Kenneth CoxFeb 24th, 20182018-02-24listings
Revelation Speaks Peace26Shawn Boonstra, otherFeb 27th, 20182018-02-27listings
Revelation Today47John Bradshaw, Ron HalvorsenFeb 19th, 20182018-02-19listings
Salvation in Symbols and Signs136Yvonne Lewis, Jason Bradley, James RaffertyFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Secrets Unsealed Miniseries4Stephen BohrNov 10th, 20152015-11-10listings
Secrets Unsealed Presents4Stephen BohrSep 24th, 20112011-09-24listingsdetails
Spring Camp Meeting44otherFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Spring Camp Meeting 201411other, Stephen Bohr, Ty GibsonNov 11th, 20172017-11-11listings
Spring Camp Meeting 201720Steve Wohlberg, Wintley Phipps, James RaffertyDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listings
State of the Dead28Stephen BohrSep 8th, 20172017-09-08listings
Studies in Matthew 2413Stephen BohrSep 1st, 20172017-09-01listings
Ten Commandments Weekend2otherSep 24th, 20112011-09-24listings
The Appearing9Shawn BoonstraJan 18th, 20132013-01-18listings
The Carter Report282John Carter, other, Danny SheltonFeb 27th, 20182018-02-27listings
The Creation Case45Rich Aguilera, other, Rich AguileraFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
The Great Cosmic Controversy12Stephen BohrDec 6th, 20172017-12-06listings
The Law of Life and Death3Stephen BohrJan 12th, 20132013-01-12listings
The Robe10Stephen BohrMay 20th, 20172017-05-20listingspurchase
The Three Angels Message42Stephen BohrAug 31st, 20122012-08-31listings
Three Angels Message32Stephen Bohr, otherFeb 25th, 20182018-02-25listings
Thunder in the Holy Land71Levi Longoria, Andrea Endries, Stephen FowlerFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
Time of the End144other, Kenneth Cox, Kennet CoxFeb 16th, 20182018-02-16listings
Tiny Tots for Jesus323Linda Johnson, Linda Johnson, Linda JohnsonFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listingsdetailspurchase
Truth for These Times16Herb KerstenJan 31st, 20122012-01-31listings
Voice of Prophecy Speaks56Lonnie Melashenko, otherFeb 28th, 20182018-02-28listings
VOP Speaks2Lonnie MelashenkoSep 24th, 20112011-09-24listingsdetails
White Horse Media51otherFeb 27th, 20182018-02-27listings
World of Praise1Wintley PhippsSep 30th, 20102010-09-30listings