Seventh-day Adventist Satellite

Series Shown on 3ABN Kids

Shows from these series have been played at least one on 3ABN Kids.

TitleShowsSpeakersLast Shown
3ABN Homecoming78other, Danny Shelton, Shelley QuinnNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
3ABN Kids Camp Bible Buzz10Christian Martin, Team 1, 2Nov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
3ABN Kids Camp Bible Gems10Linda Johnson, Aron Crews, 4Nov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
3ABN Kids Camp Creation Crafts11Ryan & Suzi Hayes, other, Team 1Nov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
3ABN Kids Camp Kitchen Fun11Cinda Sanner, other, Team 1Nov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
3ABN Kids Camp Sing Along10Aaron Wilburn, Tim Parton, otherNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
3ABN Now1Clifford Goldstein, John & Rosemary MalkiewyczDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listings
3ABN On the Road412Louis Torres, Mark Finley, David AsscherickNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Amazing Adventures43Doug Batchelor, Pastor Doug Batchelor, Pastor Doug BatchelorNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Amiguitos de Jesús60otherApr 29th, 20182018-04-29listings
Awesome Science16Noah Justice, otherNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Battles of Faith168Atonte Myers, Ivor Myers, Ivor & Atonte MyersNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Behold the Lamb Presents249Kenny Shelton, Chris Shelton, otherNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Bible Treasures10Rich Aguilera, Nori Hodges, Samuel GreenNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Body and Spirit304Dick Nunez, Brittany Nunez, Jonathan HopkinsNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Books of the Book: John27Deyvy Rodriguez, Jon PaulienDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listings
Books of the Book: Matthew28Glenn Russell, Ranko Stefanovic, Ranko StefanovicDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listings
Celebrating Life in Recovery283Cheri Peters, Brad Peters, Jeremy & Heidi SummerlinNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Cocina Con Color30Priscilla Gonzalez y Patricia Go, Priscilla Gonzalez y Patricia Go, Priscilla Gonzalez y Patricia GoMar 4th, 20182018-03-04listings
Cook 30 for Kid's8Jeremy Dixon, Jeremy Dixon, otherDec 28th, 20172017-12-28listings
Cook 30 for Kids33Jeremy Dixon, Jeremy Dixon, Jeremy DixonNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Day with the King, A65Dr John Hammond, Dr. John Hammond, Pr. Rick FerretNov 23rd, 20192019-11-23listings
Dog Tales3Neale Schofield, Neale Schofield, Neale SchofieldNov 24th, 20192019-11-24listings
Estrellitas de Jesús58Eunice Vila, Colette Rosado, otherJan 31st, 20182018-01-31listings
Faith Versus Finance1Julian ArcherDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listings
Generation of Youth for Christ 201411other, Adam Ramdin, David CaukillDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listings
Generation of Youth for Christ 201710otherDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listings
Grandma's House78Joyce Neal, Joyce Neal, Joyce NealNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Health for a Lifetime148Don Mackintosh, Neil Nedley, Don MckintoshNov 22nd, 20192019-11-22listings
Heavens Declare, The38Jim Burr, otherNov 21st, 20192019-11-21listings
His Words Are Life376Kelly Mowrer, Kelley Mowrer, Kelly MowrerNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
House Calls168John Stanton, John Lomacang, C.A. MurrayNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Kids Praise Too!23other, Mirielle Enriquez, Sam SantiagoNov 24th, 20192019-11-24listings
Kids Time527Brenda Walsh, Lee Jamieson, LeClare LitchfieldJan 31st, 20192019-01-31listings
Kids Time Praise426Cadet Sisters, Michlen Lai Pang, Brenda WalshNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Kids' Time121Brenda Walsh, C.A. Murray, Adriana WhalenDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listings
Kids' Time Holiday Special2Brenda WalshDec 28th, 20172017-12-28listings
Kids' Time Praise81Brenda Walsh, Michlen Lai Pang, Joshua LanceJan 16th, 20182018-01-16listings
Kids' Time Praise Holiday Special6Brenda Walsh, Brenda Walsh, Brenda WalshDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listings
Let's Cook Together101Jill Morikone, Bev Cook, Marlene McKinneyDec 31st, 20172017-12-31listings
Liberty Insider293Lincoln Steed, Greg Hamilton, otherNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Moody Bible Institute5otherMar 4th, 20182018-03-04listings
New Perceptions4139other, Dwight Nelson, Dwight K NelsonNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Plant a Seed33Steve & Judy Evenson, other, Steve & Judy EvensonSep 6th, 20192019-09-06listings
Pressing In To His Presence32Shelley Quinn, otherNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Remodeling Your Life275other, Jim Ayer, Jim AyerNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Revelation of Hope (Pacleb)45Pr. Taj Pacleb, Taj Pacleb, otherNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Special Feature48other, Fountainview Academy Orchestra, Ezra MendinghallNov 23rd, 20192019-11-23listings
Table Talk1260other, David Asscherick, James RaffertyNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
The Creation Case45Rich Aguilera, other, Rich AguileraNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Thunder in the Holy Land70Levi Longoria, Andrea Endries, Stephen FowlerNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Tiny Tots for Jesus397Linda Johnson, Linda Johnson, Linda JohnsonNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listingsdetailspurchase
Tiny Tots Kitchen73Carter, Ben, Cinda SannerNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Tiny Tots Worship36Rich Aguilera, other, Bonita Joyner ShieldsNov 25th, 20192019-11-25listings
Wonderfully Made162N. David Emerson, Claudio Japas, Hildemar Dos SantosNov 19th, 20192019-11-19listings
Workshop of Goodness13otherJan 31st, 20182018-01-31listings