Seventh-day Adventist Satellite


The Seventh-day Adventist channels broadcasting on Galaxy 19 are listed below. Most of these channels publish a schedule online that is used by this site. Please see the web site for each channel for more information about the ministry. Some of the channels can also be watch online, those links are provided below.

ChannelWeb SiteOfficial ScheduleWatch OnlineSeriesSpeakersShowsListings
Amazing DiscoveriesWeb SiteOfficial ScheduleWatch149133157335862
Amazing FactsWeb SiteOfficial ScheduleWatch1212930
Dare to DreamWeb SiteOfficial ScheduleWatch4261611306181
Hope ChannelWeb SiteOfficial ScheduleWatch1155461512442677
Hope Church ChannelWeb SiteOfficial ScheduleWatch56456395615790
Loma Linda Broadcasting NetworkWeb SiteOfficial ScheduleWatch158423927519
Proclaim!Web SiteOfficial ScheduleWatch68190146520076
Smart LifestyleWeb SiteOfficial ScheduleWatch7017132231
Three Angels Broadcasting NetworkWeb SiteOfficial ScheduleWatch2052229784825324

Ways to Veiw These Channels

Several of the channels, including 3ABN, Amazing Discoveries, Hope, and Proclaim can be watched for free using a desktop program called TVU. TVU networks is a free service that works on Peer-2-peer technology. When you are watching a channel with the TVU player, you are streaming the channel in from another TVU user, and at the same time you are streaming the channel out to other TVU users to watch; so the more people who are watching, the better it works. This makes it very inexpensive for a channel to be broadcast, but there can be some delay in the broadcast, some interruptions in service, and the quality will probably not be as good as if you have a FTA satellite dish. Another thing to note is that this requires about 1.5mbps of download and upload bandwidth, so depending on your connection speed, you may notice that the internet isn't as fast, and TVU will continue to run unless you right-click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the desktop and close it. I hope that LLBN, Amazing Facts, and more of the other channels will start using TVU, or that a 3rd party will setup a channel and rebroadcast for them. The biggest hindrance for using TVU that it requires a computer running Windows (although there are apparently plans for a set-top-box that will connect to a TV).

There is a direct streaming service called MOiPTV that will work better for connecting to a TV. MOiPTV broadcasts all the channels, including 3ABN Russian and Fox News, and the quality is comparable to having a satellite dish I think. However, in order to use it, you have to buy a Set Top Box that costs $149 and pay a $25 monthly fee (which I think is overpriced). My hope is that 3ABN, Hope, and the other channels will work toward providing high-quality streaming channels that can be viewed using the Roku box, Google TV compatible devices, or other lower-cost devices that don't have monthly subscriptions. Update: Amazing Facts, LLBN, Smart Lifestyle TV and Life and Health Network can now be viewed on the Roku box. Amazing Discoveries is testing streaming to the Roku, and if everything goes well, they should have a channel soon. 3ABN and Hope channel are broadcasting through MoIPTV, but there is a $10 per month fee. IpTV definitely seems like the future that would make the message available to many more people, but I know there is a lot of additional expense involved in broadcasting. Please consider donating to these ministries to help them expand their broadcasting capabilities.

The best option I think, and the one that has been used the longest, is installing a satellite dish. Although there is the initial installation expense and there can be problems with the hardware, there is no monthly expense, no need for high-speed internet, and dishes are usually fairly reliable. You can learn more about them on the Systems page.